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As our supporters may be aware, a new £1 coin will be issued on the 28th March 2017. The old £1 coin designs will cease to be legal tender on 15th October 2017.

Did you know that there are 24 different designs of the current £1 coin?

Foal Farm are joining forces (the gloves are off!!!) with our rescue friends New Hope Rescue, Birmingham Greyhound Protection and Moorlands K9 Rescue in a competition to see how many complete sets of 24 £1 coins each rescue can collect before Friday 15th September 2017 so we need YOUR help in beating our rescue friends!!!!

We have provided a ‘tick off’ sheet for you to refer to.

Please do join in this bit of fun. We will report each month on the total sets that we have collected so far!

The results between the rescues will be:
1) The most complete sets.
2) The most round pound coins donated.

Completed sets can be brought into us at Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3AX. You may also post securely to the above address ONLY. Please remember to provide your details with your sets so we can thank you!!

We are offering one year’s free Membership of Foal Farm (worth up to £20 in value) and a year’s sponsorship of one of our animals of your choosing (worth up to £35 in value) to the person who is able to donate the most sets to us!



Dog Area 2

Dog Area 2 Appeal

Dog Area 2

Sand Box Appeal

Wood for Sandpit!




Can anyone please help us get this second Dog Area up and running please? We need:
– A qualified electrician to fit a light and plug socket inside the shed
– A builder to concrete paving slabs and framework around the edge of the covered earth so we can fit down the astroturf
– A mover and shaker to move a ton of sharp sand!
– A gardener to sort out the weeds around the run

We are also still missing a sandpit! We have the wood waiting but need a carpenter!

All these individual jobs we believe will take one morning so if anyone can spare the time, we would be really grateful.

This Dog Area is used as a rotation run in the mornings (all the dogs are rotated outside whilst their kennels are being cleaned) and for Hoshi, our long term Akita to sunbathe in the afternoons. Hoshi, being diabetic, has now gone completely blind and we would like to give her more in the time that she has left. Sunbathing in this run was one of her favourite pastimes last summer so we would like to get it ready for her this year.
If anyone can help, please can you email




Here at Foal Farm, some of our main kennel areas are over 30 years old and becoming increasing difficult to maintain.  Some of our kennels are also now unusable and we obviously would like to offer spaces to more dogs in need.

The layout of our kennels also requires updating – the dogs can see each other and also pass each other on a daily basis which can lead to stress in some of the dogs and we would like to provide kennels that allow a dog to be taken out without causing distress to the other dogs in the block.  Due to the kennel layouts, cleaning is also very time consuming – time that could be better spent rehabiliating and training dogs!  We would also like to provide every kennel with an outdoor area so that dogs can have an opportunity to toilet outdoors or soak up the sun on warm days!

We are therefore embarking on a very ambitious but urgently needed fundraising effort.  We estimate we will need £750,000 to complete refurbish the entire kennel block, providing approximately 30 kennels for rescue dogs, a self contained kitchen, washroom, grooming room, reception area and meet and greet rooms for our adopters to meet potential dogs.  We also would like to provide outdoor exercise areas for our dogs that provide stimulation and training opportunities.

If you are able to help in any way, whether it be fundraising on our behalf or just donating towards this appeal, please get in touch with the Dog Team on 01959 572386 or  You are able to make donations to us marked ‘Kennel Fund’ by sending to Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3AX – please note that this is the ONLY address that donations should be sent to.  We do not operate PO Boxes whatsoever and donations should NOT be sent to any PO address.  Or you can go to our JustGiving page and make a donation here: