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Best Sellers

The second in our ” Best Sellers ” features food for your garden birds. Our Pet Shop stocks bags of peanuts, wild bird food and sunflower seeds as well as large and small fat balls. We also have filled half coconuts and large sunflower/peanut and fat sticks. So, if you feed your garden birds (and […]

Best Sellers

As promised, here is the first of our “Pet Shop Best Sellers” Rawhide chews for dogs have always been a favourite amongst our customers. We have a chew suitable for all sizes of dog. As you can see from the picture,they come ina variety of shapes and sizes and they range from 30p — £1.99. […]

A belated “Thank you “

Those of you that have visited Foal Farm recently will know that the Pet Shop has returned to its proper home. The Pet Shop is now insulated and damp proofed on its three outside walls thanks to the hard work of two fantastic volunteers. Thank you so much to Jim Holmes and Terry Kilsby both […]

Introducing “Fowlty Towers”

Fowlty Towers is a new Hen Hotel run by Julie Smith. Julie helps to re-home hundreds of ex-battery hens and has now set up this service for people who need someone to look after their pet hens when they go away. Contact Julie on 07968005951,

Shaun the Sheep meets Shaun the Sheep

The children’s television show character had a brilliant time meeting his real life counterpart Shaun, 15, who is a resident at Foal Farm. Shaun the Sheep completed a tour of the borough promoting Shaun’s Big Show which is showing at The Churchill theatre. Foal Farm Chief Executive Kim Puttock said: “Our Shaun is every bit […]