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Dogs Needing a Home

Please complete an application form if you see a dog on our website that you may wish to offer a home to, subject to introductions.

To apply to rehome a dog please complete the online application form.

To apply to rehome a puppy or dog under 18 months please complete the online Puppy application form.

Please note that when a dog has RESERVED on his or her description, this means the dog has found a potential home, subject to interviews, introductions and homechecks.  You are more than welcome to complete an application form but we may not respond to you, unless the dog becomes available due to admin limitations.

Please note that our kennels are not open to the public.  This greatly reduces the stress on our dogs.

Please note that if you are visiting to look for a dog, you may not be seen immediately as we have to respect any existing appointments that have already been made.



Old boy Wally was dumped by his callous owners at his time of need.  Wally was very poorly when he first arrived but he is getting better day by day.  His teeth and gums were infected and he has had a full dental extraction but this doesn’t stop him having a hearty appetite, bless him.  We are seeking a pet and child free home for Wally as he cannot see very well and gets overexcited when he sees other animals.  Due to his poor eyesight he needs an uncluttered home so he doesn’t bump into things.  Please email if you can help.  Wally’s video here.

Here’s a few words from Wally’s fosterers:

Some more photos of Wally doing what he does best – snoozing! He has settled in quite well and is beginning to learn some manners although mealtimes for us are a challenge. The first night he got up on the table! He is now not allowed in the dining room. He’s a very clean dog – no accidents at all. He walks very nicely on the lead and doesn’t pull. Likes his bed but will try it on with the settee and our beds. He’s good getting up and down stairs and likes rooting about in the garden.

Gigi and Snoop

Meet the gorgeous Gigi and Snoopy. Gigi is 13 years old and Snoopy is 4 years old.

Don’t be fooled by Gigi’s age as she is a youngster at heart loves to play and enjoys her cuddles.

Snoopy loves a game of fetch and he will have you playing it all day long if he could!  Snoopy does require some management in the home but this is easily rectified and you will get all the help you will need from us with regards to this, to secure a great home for this pair.

We are looking for a loving home for this beautiful pair, so if you can open your heart and home please contact Foal Farm dog team for more information.  We are looking for a dog-free home for this pair and an adult only home.



Charlie is a 2 year old Staffie crossbreed that has now been with us since March 2017.  Charlie has had a luxating patella operation on his leg and has recovered extremely well.  He has coped brilliantly with his crate training and the complete change in routine here at Foal Farm and this can be transferred to his new home.  Charlie likes to get to know people before he trusts them but is the most loving dog when he does.  We are looking for an adult only home for Charlie that has a low visitor footfall.  Alternatively, Charlie can be crated when visitors are in the household – he’s a pig with his food so we’re sure he’d enjoy a treat or two whilst in his crate.  He’s a medium sized boy who may be able to share his home with a female dog with slow introductions here at Foal Farm.  Please do not overlook this boy.  Here’s his video.


Hi my name is Wizz. The refer to me as an older Jack Russell but I certainly do not feel old. I can form a very strong bond with one or maybe just a few people but I would like an adult home only with previous challenging dog experience as I have reacted to humans when I’m not happy.  I love my home comforts and I’m on ‘day release’ with one of the dog team which I’m really enjoying. I love to go for trips in the car and my favourite things in life are my toys. I may be able to live with a well behaved friendly female dog but I don’t like all dogs. Hope to hear from you soon.     More of Whizz here


Criteria for Adopter:  Fletcher is a young an active medium size crossbreed who requires someone with experience who is willing and committed to continue his current training program. Although very friendly with the people he knows Fletcher is distrusting of new people so would benefit from a quiet adult only home.

Fletcher can live with another dog according to successful introductions at Foal and this may well benefit him.

For more pictures and a video of fletcher with a few of his doggy friends click on the links below.


Steady 10 year old boy ready to retire to a sofa!  Lynx is medium sized and would suit an adult home.  He is strong on the lead at first but soon settles down into his walks.  Lynx gets used to traveling in the car quickly and recently visited the Ashdown Forest with a Staff members dog (Video link).  This lovable fellow grows on you quickly, contact Foal Farm for more information. Here’s Lynx …… mostly chilling out!!!


Mack is a 10 year old Staffie and also known as ‘Tombstone Teethies’!  He’s just a DARLING and currently in foster.  Mack will be looking for a permanent home he can call his own as he loves cuddles and kisses so get in touch with the Dog Team if you’re interested in returning the love!  Mack is fine with dogs out and about but, due to late neutering (and, we suspect, Mack being used as a stud dog), he can be rather sexy with other dogs so he’s looking for a home on his own.  Mack cannot live with cats.


Two year old Lester needs an adult only home please.  Lester needs ongoing training meeting dogs out and about as he can be reactive so walking where there is a low footfall of other dogs is a must.  Lester will need to meet his prospective adopters over a period of time so he can both get used to them and also we can work with the adopters with regards to Lester’s training.



Poor Snoopy hasn’t had any luck in the past so it’s time to change this.  Snoopy gets very stressed in kennels and would really like a home to call his own.  Snoopy is on an extensive training programme and any prospective adopter will need to work alongside the Dog Team to ensure a smooth and successful rehoming.

Snoopy may be able to live with another dog, subject to introductions and can live within an older family home.  Please take another look at him, he really does deserve to experience someone who loves him.


Graham is a lovely, typically sized Staffie looking for an older (teenage upwards) family home or an adult only home.

Graham is very stressed in kennels and we would therefore carry out home visits with Graham to ensure a smooth rehoming.

Graham needs to be the only animal in the home and, as he gets worried about other dogs, have pavement or garden only exercise.


Lovely 2 year old Labradoor crossbreed that came to us severely underweight. This has caused him to guard food and we are therefore looking for an adult only home.

Milo can possibly live with another dog, similar in size to him if mealtimes are carefully managed.

The Dog Team and Dog Volunteers have had no problems with this great dog and Milo did extremely well during the Christmas Kennel Openings and greeted everyone with no trouble at all.


Simon is a 4 year old large crossbreed boy who was rehomed but is back with us through no fault of his own.  Simon needs an adult only home as he can become over excitable and he’s a big boy!  Simon may be able to live with a female dog but cannot live with cats.  Have a look at Simon’s smashing video here!


RESERVED  Lulu is a 2½ year old small/medium crossbreed.  Her attitude is definitely collie/terrier so we suspect this is the cross!  Lulu needs an adult only home that is willing to take advice from us with regards to training.  Lulu is over friendly with other dogs and may be able to live with a male dog that will ensure Lulu doesn’t misbehave too much!

Dante and Bibble

RESERVED  Yes, you’re seeing correctly!  Dante – a 12 year old Miniature Poodle and Bibble, a 8 year old cat are looking for a home together!  Both are absolutely lovely and we’d dearly love to see them curled up with someone in a cosy home.  Both the Dog Team and Cat Team are working together to find a home for this great pair.


Hugo is a 4 year old Staffie crossbreed who is looking for an adult home.  We believe Hugo hasn’t had a great life previously and he needs someone experienced to show him how life really should be – being loved but also allowing him to settle into a ‘normal’ routine.  Hugo can possibly live with a female dog, subject to introductions but cannot live with cats.


RESERVED  Dollar is a very shy 2½ year old girl at the moment but she is proving to be very loving. Dollar needs a quiet, calm home as her previous owner kept her in a shed.

Dollar is learning how dogs should be treated and loves being fussed and cuddled and is even starting to play with toys.


Lassie is a 10.5 year old medium sized lurcher who needs a calm, quiet home as she was also kept in a shed.  Lassie requires space in a home so that she can get used to being around people, therefore we are asking for an adult only home.  She makes friends very easily but can be possessive over items so an experienced owner that is aware to not challenge her directly would be fantastic.  Lassie needs to be the only dog in the home and cannot live with cats.


Mia is a 18 month old German Shepherd cross brought in due to the owners change of circumstances. We are looking for a home where continuous training will be continued in order to ensure that she maintains being a beautiful well mannered German Shepherd. Mia has general obedience already and will sit, lay down and speak. Mia is good with other dogs and people so could live with another dog subject to introductions at foal and could possibly live with a family.


Bear is a young GSD X who is 11 months old. He was chained up in a garden and therefore has not had much training. He is beginning to walk nicely on his Gencon and is doing well but is looking for that special someone to continue to ensure that he grows into a nice well mannered dog. Bear will need an understanding owner who will take the time to help him intergrate to normal life. Despite this, Bear is an affectionate bouncy young man who loves to be with people. Could you be that home to help Bear? If so please fill out an online application form or speak to a member of the dog team for more information.


RESERVED  Barney is a 2½ year old medium sized Staffie crossbreed.  He has a lovely nature and is looking for an older family home or someone wanting a rather cuddly companion!  Barney may be able to live with another dog, subject to introductions.

Nice first time dog for someone.


Sunny is a 13 month old female Staffie.  As you can see, she has a lovely nature and loves to spend time with our dog volunteers getting affection and cuddles.  Sunny can live within an older family home or with someone wanting a companion.  Please be aware that Sunny does pull on the lead at the moment as she hadn’t had much experience of walking but this is being trained at Foal Farm.


Willow is nearly 6 years old and is just a darling!  Loves fuss and affection, she is a gentle soul looking for a quiet home.  Willow gets on well with other sighthounds so will be able to share her home with another dog, subject to introductions and is looking for an older family or someone wanting a companion.  Willow is a small sized Greyhound.


RESERVED  12 month old fun loving Staffie crossbreed.  Percy is medium sized but does pull on the lead (he clearly hasn’t had any lead training in his prior home or indeed been walked very much).  Playful with other dogs, Percy may be able to live with another dog, subject to introductions.  Percy is looking for an older family or someone seeking a rather nice companion.


At just 2 years old, Zena is no longer wanted by the racing industry due to a toe injury.  Tiny Greyhound, Zena is very sweet and affectionate.  Zena may be rehomed with another dog, subject to introductions and can be placed into a first time Greyhound home.


Gorgeous small boy rescued from another rescue hellhole. Still thinks something bad is going to happen to him (non- aggressive) but slowly getting to trust us humans again and have some fun!

Dog friendly, Monkey may be able to share his home with another dog, subject to introduction but cannot live with cats.  Monkey is 5 years old.


3 year old Caitlin is a medium sized Greyhound no longer wanted by the racing industry.  In fact, the racing industry had no record of her whereabouts and only that she has raced in the UK!  Such a caring industry … not.  We need to find out a bit more about this girl before seeking a home for her so please watch this space!


Two year old Tilly requires a home that will work with us on her excitability!  Already in training here at Foal Farm, we just need someone to continue this in her new home.  Affectionate and loving, Tilly needs direction with regards to fast moving objects!!!  Tilly may be able to live with another dog, subject to extensive introductions as she can be ‘annoying’ at first but then settles down with her dog friends.  Due to Tilly’s training needs, we are looking for an older family (teenagers at least plus) or someone wanting a bit of a training challenge.  Sweet girl that, in the right home, will excel.


4 year old Tom is a laid back fellow who could possibly be rehomed into a first time Greyhound family, subject to further assessments.  Affectionate and chilled here at Foal Farm, we expect him to be every bit as lazy in a home as he is here!  Walks with the other sighthounds well but will need further assessment with other breeds.


3 year old Kai has just the most adorable face!  Affectionate and already wanting lots of cuddles, despite having a depressing background, Kai is a happy chap!  He is still under assessment but get in touch if you wish to discuss offering a home to this snuggle monster.


12 month old Tia has clearly had an awful start in life by being a breeding machine so young.  This is all behind her now and she is looking for an older family home or someone wanting a very lovely girl.  Further details to follow but watch this space – she’s a heartbreaker.


Heart stopper!  Lily is 7 years old and with us as her owner couldn’t cope with her toileting indoors.  Sadly, Lily only had one opportunity for 10 minutes per day to do her toileting so we’re sure that in a new home, she’ll be fine.  Good with dogs out and about but Lily would prefer a home on her own.  Lily can live within a family or someone wanting a very nice companion.