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Dogs Needing a Home

Please complete an application form if you see a dog on our website that you may wish to offer a home to, subject to introductions.

To apply to rehome a dog please complete the online application form.

To apply to rehome a puppy or dog under 18 months please complete the online Puppy application form.

Please note that when a dog has RESERVED on his or her description, this means the dog has found a potential home, subject to interviews, introductions and homechecks.  You are more than welcome to complete an application form but we may not respond to you, unless the dog becomes available due to admin limitations.  PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FORM IF THERE IS A DOG THAT YOU MAY CONSIDER OFFERING A HOME TO.

Please note that our kennels are not open to the public.  This greatly reduces the stress on our dogs.

Please note that if you are visiting to look for a dog, you may not be seen immediately as we have to honour any existing appointments that have already been made.


Steady 10 year old boy ready to retire to a sofa!  Lynx is medium sized and would suit an adult home.  He is strong on the lead at first but soon settles down into his walks.  Lynx gets used to traveling in the car quickly and recently visited the Ashdown Forest with a Staff members dog (Video link).  Lynx likes nothing better than to fall asleep on a sofa!  Here’s Lynx …… mostly chilling out!!!


What a cracking dog! Rover was brought into FOAL as the owner was unable to cop with his behavior after a change of circumstances in the home. 

Rover is a beautiful, gentle dog who adores people. Rover does suffer with some separation anxiety when left but is quick to learn. He was previously good when left so we know he can cope with some ongoing training. Rover would be better suited as an only dog as he can be choosy with the dogs he wants to get on with. As a companion – you couldn’t ask for a better dog.


Snowy is a very energetic young lady who has a wonderful temperament.

However Snowy who is just 18 months old does need a new family who are willing to put in that extra time for her training and exercise.

Snowy may do well with a male neutered doggy companion, perhaps one who would could help her to mature into a well mannerd lady. Beautiful dog with untold potential.


Grommit is a handsome boy who looking for an experienced owner who can take the time to work with this gorgeous fellow.  He is on a training programme at Foal Farm and doing extremely well.

He is easy to train and he is very affectionate . He loves cuddles under the blankets and loves being with you and also playing a game of ball.   On our recent sponsored sleepover, Grommit enjoyed every moment!

He just needs for someone to give him a chance. Grommit needs to be the only pet in the home and an adult only household.



Hugo is a 4 year old Staffie crossbreed who is looking for an adult home.  We believe Hugo hasn’t had a great life previously and he needs someone experienced to show him how life really should be – being loved but also allowing him to settle into a ‘normal’ routine.  Hugo can possibly live with a female dog, subject to introductions but cannot live with cats.


Harry is a 15 month old Rotti x. Harry is a lovely boy who has not had the best start. He was locked in a garage for long periods of time and not walked much. Harry needs some basic training and the usual teenage boundaries but has the potential to be a well mannered adult dog with the right guidance. We are looking for an adult home only.  Harry is social with dogs out and about but we are seeking a home without dogs for this boy.


RESERVED  Reg is a 2 year old English Bulldog who has come in feeling a bit sorry for himself. Unfortunately Reg is an example of how poorly bred these dogs can be. Reg is a wonderful boy who is currently undergoing some veterinary treatment.  Upon arrival it was apparent that Reg was suffering from Ringworm.  It had not been treated and we were told that it was a skin condition and he had had the marks for over a year.  As a result Reg has no immunity from Ringworm.  He is responding well to treatment but we feel he would flourish in a home environment.  Often people can be afraid of the term ringworm however treated correctly and carrying out basic regular hand washing is often enough to keep the bacteria at bay.   Full of love and quite a comical character, Reg enjoys a walk but this poor chap also has hip dysplasia so can struggle at times, especially on hard rough surfaces but loves a ride in he’s pushchair. We are hoping that the hips will get stronger as hes muscle tone improves.

Reg is good with people and other dogs, but due to his health would need a home where he is the only pet.  If you think you could offer Reg hes so deserving home please fill out an online application form on our website.


Tia is a 4 year old medium girl who is desperately seeking her forever home. Tia is very stressed in kennels and all she wants is some human companionship. She loves nothing more than her humans going into her kennel for a cuddle and will often try and sit on your lap for a love.  Unfortunately, Tia has not been very well socialised so is not keen on any other animals. because of this we are looking for a garden only or street walking exercise. Please don’t over look this young lady because of this. She really is a wonderful dog and would make a lovely companion for someone.


Stunning boy that is just 3 years old. He was still racing up until a week before being brought into Foal Farm. Flicker was too slow to race but learning quickly here that us humans are here for cuddles. He would suit a family with older children as he can be a little nervous of new situations. He seems to be good with all breeds of dogs and generally becoming a wonderful, affectionate little lad.


Luca is a 11 month old medium sized crossbreed.  Luca is improving on a daily basis as he was in a previous rescue as a 4 month old pup and has not had a ‘normal’ daily routine yet.  A calm and understanding household is needed to allow Luca to become used to daily life.  He can possibly live with a female dog that is even tempered and sociable to ‘show him the ropes.


RESERVED  6 month old Staffie crossbreed requiring all the usual puppy requirements.  Lovely, lively, friendly girl that does require training and an older (teenage upwards) family due to these training requirements.  Please complete Puppy Application Form.


Just under 2 year old medium/large crossbreed girl with us for aggression towards other dogs.  Our assessment has shown that she actually gets frustrated if she cannot play with another dog and we are looking for a confident owner that will work with us to carry on the social skills that Daisy requires.  Daisy can live in an older family home, so long as there are no distractions with regards to her training needs.


Now in Foster.  Permanent home required!

Mel is seeking a placement as a matter of urgency due to her health.  Mel has optic neuritis that means she lost her sight literally overnight.  We feel Mel would benefit from being in a quiet home in aid to help her in recovery, potentially adjusting to life with some sight.  If you feel you are able to help this sweet girl, please contact the dog team.

Mel is a 3 1/2 year old rescued Greyhound who is just a delight!  Although a little nervous at first, Mel copes with this by doing mini zoomies but likes nothing better than to cuddle in when she knows she is safe.  She would make a good first Greyhound for a home.  Please note that Mel cannot live with cats.


Lovely, typical Staffie, 8 year old Buddy is looking for a lap and cuddles!  Affectionate boy that has some issues with his collar area so we are looking for an adult only home.  Doing very well with his training – it’s very clear that he had received none in his previous home.  Can possibly share his home with another female dog, subject to introductions.


8 year old medium sized Staffie Marley.  A very happy go lucky chap who is always pleased to see you. Dog friendly so an easy dog to walk out and about with and a very relaxed attitude.  Nice first time Staffie for someone.


RESERVED Large 2 year old x breed Toffee.  Typical young male bouncy and playful.  Has settled well into our routines and can go as a slightly older family dog.  Can possibly live with another calm but confident female dog, subject to introductions.


RESERVED  5 Year old greyhound JoJo is an absolute stunner.  Rescued by foal as she had reached the end of her racing career.  Sadly upon her arrival JoJo had to visit our vet the next day for immediate dental surgery.  She has been left with her top teeth only as a result, but is now able to eat and be touched around her mouth area pain free.  Jojo is great with other breeds of dog and may be able to share her home with small dogs.  An older family sought – JoJo would make an ideal first time Greyhound.


Winnie is a 2½ year old energetic collie crossbreed.  Lovely girl that would benefit from an family home.   Some training is required for Winnie but she has the making of a truly lovely dog.  Very loyal and loving and enjoys playing ball.  Assessment due but we are taking applications.


RESERVED  14 month old medium sized crossbreed that has assessed well.  Excellent with other dogs, he can share his home with a suitable dog.  May also be able to live with cats, depending on the cats in the home.  Good first time dog for sensible owner.


5 year old smallish crossbreed girl that has a sweet nature.  However, she gets very scared of being picked up or handled extensively so an adult only home is sought.  Dog friendly, Betsy may be able to live with another dog, subject to introductions.


RESERVED  Oh my, we’re all a little in love with little Josh who, at 13 years old, found himself searching for a new home.  Sweet boy that is dog friendly and may be able to live another calm dog, subject to introductions.  Also child friendly but again, due to his age, a calmer household is sought by this affectionate dog.


RESERVED  Little 7 week old Geoffrey needs some TLC before going to his new home but we are taking Puppy Applications for him.  Sweet boy that has all the usual puppy characteristics and needs.


RESERVED  Absolutely gorgeous boy and we are seeking a home for him so he can cuddle up and get all the love this boy deserves.  As he has been a little unwell previously, we are not able to assess but he pays no attention to dogs out and about so should be a ‘walk in the park’ and has been so fantastically affectionate to us here at Foal, even when he didn’t feel well and allows himself to be tucked up in bed at night.  Bruce is currently the meeter and greeter in the Kennel Office and has proved to be a superstar with both adults and children!


RESERVED  Very sweet and typical 9 week Lurcher pupster looking for a new and permanent home.  Puppy Application Form to be completed please.


Holly is a very sweet 4 year old small Lurcher.  Holly needs some guidance in her new home but she has a lovely nature and would do well with someone that has owned sighthounds previously but this is not essential as we will offer help.  Holly can possibly live with another dog, subject to introductions.


Nova is a 3.5 year old male rescued Greyhound.  Lovely affectionate boy, he is friendly with everyone.


Flash is a 3 year old female rescued Greyhound.  Flash can be a little nervous but is an extremely affectionate girl and loves cuddles.


Dashingly handsome 3 year old rescued male Greyhound who is a very friendly boy.  More to follow on this great dog.


10 week old puppy that requires the usual puppy requirements.  Please note that Prince is ‘in training’ for mouthing so we are looking for an adult only home so this training can be carried on successfully.  Playful with other dogs, due to his training needs, we would like Prince to be the only dog in the household at the moment.


Alfie is a 6 month old Spaniel that has come to Foal as he has a fractured hip as a result of a car accident.  Alfie is on 3 weeks crate rest with toilet breaks.  Once he has finished his crate rest, he will be having an operation which will result in one leg shorter than the other but pain free.  Alfie can lead a normal life eventually but we are looking for a very special home for this boy.  Due to his injury, we are not able to assess accurately but, despite being an obviously lively breed, Alfie has taken his crate rest well.  We are looking for an older (teenagers upwards) home or someone willing to look after this little but lively boy during his recovery.