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Dogs Needing a Home

To apply to rehome a dog please complete the online application form.

To apply to rehome a puppy or dog under 18 months please complete the online Puppy application form.


RESERVED  Gorgeous 2 year old Labrador crossbreed who is just a darling. Shadow is a strong dog but walks well on a headcollar and has been trained by his previous owner very well.

Shadow may be able to share his home with another dog, subject to introductions. Shadow is also child friendly.


An absolutely stunning Greyhound,  Shrek is 5 years old and never known a home.  Instead, he’s been raced until he wasn’t any use then god knows what happened to him in between.  Gorgeous boy who loves affection and is steadily settling in kennels.  Shrek shares with Fiona but is looking for a rescued Greyhound lover to call his own, perhaps to share his home with another Greyhound.


RESERVED  Fabulously busy 10 month old Spaniel crossbreed looking for an active new owner!  Buddy is very friendly dog that does require some training – he is strong on the lead.  Please complete a Puppy Application Form for Buddy and also provide extra information on how you will keep this boy stimulated.  Buddy will need an owner that has a keen interest in a dog activity like flyball or agility.  Again, please put details of this on your Application Form.


5½ year old Chihuahua who is ideally looking for a new home with Cooper but we will consider separate homes.

Can possibly live with another dog, subject to introductions and possibly cats.

We’re looking for an older family for this girl.


3½ year old Chihuahua that has come into Foal Farm with Kizzy but we may consider separate homes with further assessments so if you wish to adopt one of these lovely little dogs, please put an application in.

Can possibly live with another dog, subject to introductions and a cat assessment is needed.

Special Appeal for little Dave

Dave arrived at Foal Farm from a dog pound.  He was a very lucky dog as the pound he was sprung from is a high euthanasia dog pound.  But Dave’s good luck needs to continue with your help.  Dave was rehomed but found to be incontinent and was sadly returned to us as he did not have direct access to a garden which would have helped.  X-ray’s have found that Dave’s incontinence is due to a trauma to his stomach area – that is, our vet suspects that Dave either suffered a road accident or someone kicked or punched him so hard, this made him incontinent. 

Dave has been with us for several weeks now so we are able to monitor the effect his medication is having and we are really pleased to report that his incontinence is much, much less than when it was and he is now ready to find his new home. 

We are looking for someone that has direct access to a garden either via a door or dog flap as Dave has initial feeling that he needs to go to the toilet and will go outside to do this.  The only accidents we’re now experiencing with him as he has complete access to an outside area are whilst he’s asleep at night and a poo may ‘sneak out’!

 Dave would prefer a home without other animals and would be rather happy with a short walk per day or garden only exercise.  Dave is SO affectionate with humans, he can live within a family home.  He likes nothing better than to roll around in the grass and chill out next to a human and give cuddles.

 If you think you can offer Dave the home he so much deserves, please get in touch with the Dog Team at  Alternatively, if you want to help Dave in other ways, he is on a special diet of James Wellbeloved Duck and Rice as well as being partial to soft toys!!  He is obviously also on daily medication and will be for the rest of his life.  In his new home, Foal Farm will support the medication financially which is where our FAFFIN Fund comes into it!  Please donate at


Fiona is a 4 year old rescued Greyhound and is no trouble at all here at Foal Farm.  Quiet girl in kennels, she loves her walks and would make a good first time rescue Greyhound for someone.  Fiona can live within a family and possibly another dog, subject to introductions.  Currently sharing with Shrek Greyhound with no problems.


RESERVED  Penny is a 4 year old small crossbreed that is another victim of being bought on freeads and is now safely with us.  Penny is very friendly and can live within an older home.  She can possibly live with another dog, subject to introductions.


RESERVED  Elsa is a 12 week old Spaniel puppy looking for a new home as her previous owners could not keep her any longer and did the sensible thing and handed her into rescue.  Elsa can live with another dog, cats and within a family.  Please complete a Puppy Application Form for Elsa.  Previous experience of spaniel breeds is desirable.


Boris is a 6 year old staffie sized boy looking for a new home!  Boris pays no attention to dogs out and about and would make someone a lovely companion.  Boris can live within an older family home.


RESERVED  4 year old female Schnauzer who has found herself in rescue because her breeder couldn’t keep her.  Can possibly live with another dog, subject to slow introductions and can live within an older family home.


RESERVED  Lovely 3 year old small/medium sized crossbreed, Jessie is a very friendly girl who has lived in a family home previously.  She’s looking for a new family – can possibly live with another dog and cats as well.


RESERVED  Slightly timid little 18 month old lady who has been through a lot in such a short space of time before coming to us.  Friendly with us and no trouble when walking out and about with other dogs, Hollie is looking for a calm home, possibly an older family or an individual looking for a young companion.  Hollie may be able to live with cats, subject to further assessment in the home.

Gigi and Snoop

Gigi is a 13 year Pom and Snoop is a 4 year old male Pomeranian.  Both are looking for a home together.  Snoop is rather naughty with other dogs so they need a dog-free home but they can live with cats happily.  They can go into an older family home or with someone looking for two small companions.


Gorgeous 16 week old lurcher puppy needing a new family!  Freddie was briefly rehomed but the autistic child in the home felt too overwhelmed.  Freddie behaved immaculately in the home so who is going to give this wonderful boy a second chance?  Freddie can live with another dog and possibly cats, subject to a home assessment.  Please complete a Puppy Application Form for Freddie.


Jack is a 4 year old Yorkie Crossbreed. He may be small but he has a big personality. He bonds with his people very quickly, the bond is so strong that he feels he then needs to protect them and their home. We are looking for someone who has a quiet home without any children but could possibility share his home with another small, playful dog subject to introduction. He is a happy chappie who loves his walks and his toys. If you think that Jack could fit into your home please speak to a member of the dog team.


Meet Charlie who is 18 months old!  Loves life and is a really cracking boy.  He’s medium sized and friendly with everyone, if not a little exuberant!  Charlie is looking for an older family (no small ones just because he may knock them over).  Charlie’s good with dogs out and about and if he was to share his home with another dog, introductions would be necessary at Foal Farm.  Charlie cannot live with cats.


Daisy Doo
Criteria for Adopter: Daisy spends a lot of time in our main offices as she so enjoys the company of the humans she loves!  Extremely playful like a puppy when she is out of her kennel, we are desperate to find Daisy a foster or forever home.  Due to Daisy’s previous mistreatment, she will need an adult only home.  She can possibly share with a male dog but this is subject to several introductions at Foal Farm and cannot be a small dog as she was badly bitten by one.

Foster Criteria:  We would very much like Daisy in a foster home so she can come out of her shell and start being a normal dog again.


Hi my name is Wizz. The refer to me as an older Jack Russell but I certainly do not feel old. I can form a very strong bond with one or maybe just a few people but I would like an adult home only with previous challenging dog experience.  I love my home comforts and I’m on ‘day release’ with one of the dog team which I’m really enjoying. I love to go for trips in the car and my favourite things in life are my toys. I may be able to live with a well behaved friendly female dog but I don’t like all dogs. Hope to hear from you soon.


Lovable-goof Simon

Although Simon is a medium-sized boy, he is very strong so preferably needs an owner who has experience of large-breed dogs. Simon is both dog-and-people-friendly, and loves making new friends when out and about.  Due to his strength and exuberance, Simon has been with us for over 18 months; he is receiving training and lots of practice in different situations to keep him active and stimulated, he is keen to learn and to please.  In order to break-up his week, Simon spends occasional days in a home situation with other dogs – he so wants a family of his own that he really enjoys this time away from kennels in the company of friends, both human and dog.  Due to Simon’s exuberance and strength, an older family would be preferred as he will knock over small children! It’s likely that he would need to share his home with another dog but this is not essential with the right home.  Simon cannot live with cats.  More pics of Simon.


Boots is a very fun loving Greyhound who loves cuddles, kisses and his food!!!  Boots is 3 years old and looking for an older family or someone wanting a companion.  Boots gets on well with other sighthounds but needs a little work with other breeds – something we will help his adopter with.


Criteria for Adopter:  Fletcher is a young an active medium size crossbreed who requires someone with experience who is willing and committed to continue his current training program. Although very friendly with the people he knows Fletcher is distrusting of new people so would benefit from a quiet adult only home.

Fletcher can live with another dog according to successful introductions at Foal.

For more pictures and a video of fletcher with a few of his doggy friends click on the links below.


Criteria for Adopter: 18 month old cracking lurcher who can go into a family home.  Social with other dogs and people, Zak would make a wonderful addition to a home!


Steady 10 year old boy ready to retire to a sofa!  Lynx is medium sized and would suit an adult home.  He is strong on the lead at first but soon settles down into his walks.  He is not fussed by dogs out and about so would be happy with a daily walk either in the park or a pavement walk.  Some days (especially when it’s cold and raining), Lynx would be happy with garden only exercise.  Lynx LOVES to play with his toys and is a fantastic dog with a brilliant sense of humour!!


Florence…. a 3 year old bundle of loveable, fun energy who would suit a family with an older or calmer child who respects her space. She loves playing ball and loves teasing you with her retrieving.  Walking her in a calmer environment i.e. a garden or park would suit her but she is calming down around other dogs when out with trusted walkers.  She loves a journey in the car and she’s happy to chill out in the garden. She loves her belly being rubbed, a very affectionate and loyal girl who deserves a loving person/family.


Mack is estimated to be around 10 years old and is just a DARLING!  Mack will be looking for an urgent foster or permanent home as he loves cuddles and kisses so get in touch with the Dog Team if you’re interested in returning the love!  Mack is fine with dogs out and about but, due to late neutering (and, we suspect, Mack being used as a stud dog), he can be rather sexy with other dogs so he’s looking for a home on his own.


Buster is a 3 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel who is in rescue through no fault of his own.  Lovely boy, typical of the Spaniel breed, we are ideally seeking someone who has owned the breed previously.  He’s a very steady boy who may be able to live with another dog (female) and needs a cat assessment.


Eighteen month old boy who needs an adult only home please.  Lester needs ongoing training meeting dogs out and about, although he has been extremely good and playful with the ones he has gone for walks with at Foal Farm.  Fletcher does struggle with meeting new people so he will need ongoing training with this which we will fully support.  Fletcher may be able to live with another dog, subject to slow introductions.


2 year old French Bulldog who is with us because of a young child that is ill in the home and the owners felt they could not give the time needed for a dog.

Fidget is dog friendly and people friendly and can live within a family home. Fidget came in with Spencer and, subject to further assessments, we will accept applications for the individual dogs. Priority will be given to applicants who have previously adopted dogs from us.


Absolutely gorgeous 7 year old Pug who definitely needs a Weightwatchers plan!

We’re seeking someone wanting an absolutely darling companion.

Priority will go to adopters that have rescued a Foal Farm dog from us previously.

Spencer came in with Fidget and we will accept applications for the individual dogs but this is subject to further assessment.



RESERVED  Kai was dumped in a dog pound due for euthanasia and we stepped in to save him.  What an awful ‘owner’ Kai had previously to do this to an old boy (he’s estimated to be 13 years old) but his new life starts now!  Dog friendly, Kai is happy to take a good stroll with other dogs.  Kai can live within a calm family household.


Here’s what Bolt’s former foster mum has to say about this wonderful boy:

He is currently living with a 4 year old little girl and is fantastic with her.

He is housetrained.Walking well on the lead although still needs some work on learning how to approach other breeds but with Dan’s previous lead training, is easy to handle.

He can be left for up to 2 hours so far although needs to be left in a confined space as with many greys he is finding large spaces a bit much. He is currently left in the front room. He sleeps downstairs in the front room and knows he isn’t allowed on sofa (strange people putting this rule in place).

Bolts only vice is picking up anything he finds on the floor to chew and generally behaving like a puppy in this way.

Bolt is a lovely 3 year old rescued Greyhound who was rescued by Foal Farm as his racing owner threatened to import him to Ireland as a stud dog.  Bolt’s chances in Ireland surviving after his ‘services’ were no longer required were virtually zero. 

Can you offer Bolt a permanent home?  As you can see from his fosterer’s report, an excellent family dog with just some easy training to be done!


Skippy is a 4 year old Greyhound who is currently in foster.  Skippy happily shares his home with another dog and will be able to share his permanent home with another dog, subject to introductions.  Skippy can also live within an older family home.  Skippy cannot live with cats.


Gorgeous 11 year old staffie girl who is currently in foster.  Rosie is living with another dog happily (although she nicks his bestest bed!) and friendly with everyone.  Permanent home sought for this darling.


Cracking medium sized boy who is very friendly but strong on the lead (in training for a relaxed lead).  Gets on great with everyone and is good around dogs out and about.  Gives each paw on request and loves playing ball!  Exuberant lad with plenty to offer a family home.  Here’s Buttons showing what a good boy he is!


Hobbit is a small dog with a larger attitude.  Hobbit is 3 years old and looking for an adult only home.  He can be difficult with strangers so his new adopters will need to either be willing to put Hobbit into another area when receiving visitors or be willing to work with us on retraining his behaviour towards them.  Hobbit may be able to live with another dog, subject to introductions.


Buzz is a 4 year old Staffie crossbreed needing a new home with routine and with an adopter who will be able to visit Buzz a few times before he goes home.  Buzz was severely abused before coming to Foal Farm and, understandably, can be scared of new people but soon bonds after spending time with people.  He’s dog friendly and playful and could live with a similarly matched friend and we are looking for an older family with a calm household or someone on their own looking for an amicable companion.


Steady 4 year old rescued Greyhound who is just delightful.  Happy to walk with all the other Greyhounds but still getting to know that humans can be both trusted and show love towards her instead of seeing her as just a money making machine.  Susie would do well in a calm family home and can possibly share with another dog.


James is a beautiful but busy boy who loves a cuddle and a fuss. He is only just over a year old so would need his continued training to ensure he fully matures into a sensible young man. James could possibly live with a nice female dog subject to introductions here at Foal.   Please note that James can not live with cats.  Due to James’ bounciness he would be better suited to live in a home with teenagers. For more information please contact a member of the dog team.


RESERVED  Teddie is a small Shih Tzu crossbreed that is 5 years old.  Yet another victim of freead selling, Teddie was sold misleadingly and is now with us.  She is a sweet girl who can live within an older family.  She can possibly live with another dog, subject to introductions.


4 year old medium/large sized crossbreed, Maddie needs an older family home or someone looking for a rather lovely companion.  Maddie doesn’t mind other dogs and may be able to share her home with another dog, subject to introductions.


RESERVED  4 year old male Schnauzer who has found himself in rescue because his breeder couldn’t keep him.  Can possibly live with another dog, subject to slow introductions and can live within a family home.


6 month old girl who found herself in a dog pound and rescued by us before being euthanised.  Lively girl who needs some training but very much a puppy that can improve with the right owner.  Summer adores people but struggles when she sees other animals like dogs and cats and she will require an owner that can work with Foal Farm with regards to training Summer to act in a more acceptable manner.  She can live within an older family home as you will need time to train her to ensure she matures into a sensible adult dog.  Please complete a Puppy Application Form for Summer.


2 year old small crossbreed seeking companion for laps and general all round cuddles.  Unassuming girl who will need a little time to adjust to her new adopter but can live within an older family.  Although fine out and about with other dogs, Roxy would prefer to be an only dog.


Nice good all round Jack Russell Terrier who is 2 years old.  dog friendly and people friendly, Jack can live within an older family home and can possibly share with another dog, subject to introductions.  Jack requires a cat assessment.