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Dogs Needing a Home


Please complete an application form if you see a dog on our website that you may wish to offer a home to, subject to introductions.

To apply to rehome a dog please complete the online application form.

To apply to rehome a puppy or dog under 18 months please complete the online Puppy application form.

Please note that when a dog has RESERVED on his or her description, this means the dog has found a potential home, subject to interviews, introductions and homechecks.  You are more than welcome to complete an application form but we may not respond to you, unless the dog becomes available due to admin limitations.  PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FORM IF THERE IS A DOG THAT YOU MAY CONSIDER OFFERING A HOME TO.

Please note that our kennels are not open to the public.  This greatly reduces the stress on our dogs.

Please note that if you are visiting to look for a dog, you may not be seen immediately as we have to honour any existing appointments that have already been made.


9 year old small crossbreed that is with us as her owners were working very long hours.  Lulu is a delightful little dog that enjoys fuss and attention.  Can live with another dog, subject to introductions and cats.  Lovely good all rounder.

Cinderella and Tinkerbelle

As you can see, these girls will do anything for a treat!!  Here they are on their enrichment session.  Cinderella is 9 years old and Tinkerbelle (short coat) is 6 years old and they are mother and daughter.  They cannot be split so we are looking for a home that will adopt them together.  Friendly with humans and other dogs, these two are just delightful and would make a great pair of dogs for a home.


Tula is a 5½ year old large crossbreed.  Tula requires a strict routine in the house.  Her previous life has not been at all social and she was kept limited to a crate and garden for toileting.  She settles into a home well but needs an adopter considerate that Tula needs to adapt to a ‘normal’ home life with guidance and respect her need for space.  A strictly adult only household and pet-free is sought for this girl.


Lynx is medium sized 10 year old dog and is seeking an adult only home.  Lynx can get over excited with human company as we assume that he has not had this in his previous home so is learning how to greet humans politely.  However, he ADORES comforts such as a sofa and human company and loves nothing more than to sit and chill out with his carers, especially when the sun is out. He also loves his softie toys!He relaxes well on his lead walking and, again, will lay down in favourite spots along the walk to get a head massage.  Lynx’s favourite pastime is chilling in the pub during our team meetings :).  Here’s Lynx getting off site.  Despite being comfortable with dogs in the video, we are seeking a pet free home for this boy.  Here’s Lynx …… mostly chilling out!!!


Rover is a beautiful 9 year old Staffie crossbreed (medium sized) who is eager to find his forever home.  He has proven to be a calm individual when in the home and enjoys his home comforts.  Rover would be better suited as an only dog but, as you can see, has the potential to be calm around other dogs out and about.  Rover can live within a family home with a stable routine. 


Grommit is a handsome boy who looking for someone looking to work with the Dog Team to ensure that he continues to excel with his training as we believe Grommit has never experienced a decent human being before coming to us.

Grommit forms close bonds with his carers and loves a game of ball and interacting with us with games of searching for treats, crate training and being calm when entering his kennel.  On our recent sponsored sleepover, Grommit enjoyed every moment and was calm at bedtime, just wanting to snuggle underneath the blankets with his carer.

Grommit needs to be the only pet in the home and an adult only household.


Hugo is a 5½ year old Staffie crossbreed who is looking for an adult home. Hugo has bonded well with his carers here at FOAL and has come on leaps and bounds but he does like his own space. Hugo will need space and time to adjust into a new home.  He is a chilled boy in his kennel and happily sleeps in his crate. Hugo loves toys and food and would do well in a home with a steady routine. Hugo would love a home where he can have short walks in less dog populated areas as he can be nervous when other dogs are close by but in his time here has shown he can walk at a distance.


Poor Budster has now been with us since October 2018 and we have no idea why!  Buddy is an 8½ year old tinsy Staffie that is becoming rather depressed.  Buddy does extremely well with his enrichment sessions and LOVES his time doing this, finding treats, learning self control and having a ball game. Can possibly share his home with another female dog, subject to introductions.  Buddy absolutely adored being fussed at our kennel opening days at Christmas.  When he’s settling down for the night, we regularly find that he’s literally tucked himself up in bed!  Please have a look at Buddy’s video.


As you can see, Star is a stunningly handsome 3 year old Greyhound.  He was discarded by his trainer as he was far more interested in playing at the track with the other Greyhounds than earning them money by racing round a boring track.  Star is full of fun and just a joy to be around.  He always kennels well with female Greyhounds.  He is loving life and just needs to find his forever home and warm comfy sofa.  He would fit into any sort of family without very young children as he is so happy, he may well knock them over.  Unfortunately, Star cannot live with cats.


15 month old boy who bonds very strongly with people he knows. He is good with other dogs and is always trying to please his human companions. Ceaser does need some work around food but is progressing very well here at FOAL. Bouncy young lad who is full of life would need an adult only home due to his issues around food and although good with dogs would rather be the only dog in the home.


8 year old Ace is a very social boy so walks in park areas will be, well, a walk in the park!  Ace needs an older family home (teenagers upwards) and an adopter that is willing to walk Ace daily as well as tennis ball games in the garden!   Ace is adored by our volunteers here and they cannot understand why he hasn’t found a home yet.  Just look at that face!  Ace is not doing well in kennels so we are looking for a foster or permanent home urgently.  See more of Ace here on his video.


One of the rescued Macau Canidrome Greyhounds, 6 year old Faith is just a delight.  Playful with all breeds of dogs and ALWAYS very pleased to see us, Faith would make a excellent first time Greyhound for someone.  And she’s not that big either!  And she has fabulous ears! Despite living her life so far in a concrete cell, Faith also likes to keep her kennel areas pristine and will only toilet outside.  Can live with another dog, subject to introductions and children 10 years plus.  Faith is SO ready to take that next step in her life and find a loving home.  Read her rescue story here.


One of the rescued Macau Canidrome Greyhounds. 7 year old Troy is the most loving, inquisitive, fun loving boy. He has adapted fantastically to his new life at Foal and is now just waiting for that fantastic life in a home.  Troy is small for a male greyhound, but makes up for it with his personality. He brings us so much joy watching him investigate new things and sights, he is an absolute pleasure to be with. He loves to play with toys and find hidden treats when in our paddocks then runs back to us for a cuddle. He is just the sweetest thing and going to make a wonderful loyal companion. Read his story here. Read his rescue story here.


One of the rescued Macau Canidrome Greyhounds, 5 year old Caspar is the youngest of the 8 that we received.  A very chilled, sensitive boy, he is very affectionate and adores cuddles.  Could share his home with a calm female sighthound but would be happy as an only dog.  A real cool cucumber that really deserves his own sofa to sleep on.  Can be rehomed with children 10 years plus.  Read his rescue story here.


At just 3 years old, Flash has seen far too much in the racing industry.  Flash can be a nervous girl and  likes to do stuff at her own pace and when she feels comfortable.  We are therefore looking for a quiet, calm home for her where she can settle.


Sanos is one of the Macau Canidrome Greyhounds and managed to survive the callous racing industry for 6.5 years.  Happy boy that loves everyone and fine around other sighthounds – could possibly share his home with another sighthound.  Can be rehomed with children 10 years plus but he is rather ball obsessive so care around this will be required.  Read his rescue story here.


Presley is a 5½ year old medium sized crossbreed that is one of our longest staying dogs here.  As you can see, he bonds extremely well to his carers and his prospective adopter will need several visits to get to know this hunk.  He has specific rehoming requirements including that he needs to be the only pet in the home and strictly adults only.  He adores his food so good catering is a must.  Please submit an application form to discuss further with us.  Have a look at Presley’s video here.


Sweet little 14 year old that happily walks with groups of our dogs and is a friendly chap with us here at Foal Farm.  At the moment, we’re looking for a home where Scrappy receives a daily walk as he enjopys these but is equally happy just being a small companion.   Scrappy is with us as his owner sadly passed away.


10 year old Bilbo is with us because of a severe change of circumstances in the home.  Friendly with people, Bilbo is a delight to have around and spends a few days a week in our offices and really enjoys this and chills out well.  Although Bilbo goes on group walks with other dogs, he will need to be the only pet in the home.   Bilbo loves his enrichment sessions and looking for treats, as well as playing tennis ball!  This little guy is very stressed in kennels so is looking for a home as soon as possible.


At nearly 12 years old, this tinsy little Staffie girl should not be in rescue.  Possibly able to live with another calm dog, subject to introductions (due to her delicate back), Saffi is just such a gorgeous dog.  Desperately wants a person to cuddle up with.  Currently our office dog and just a cuddly delight to have around.


RESERVED  9 month old medium sized crossbreed that is proving to be a delight here at Foal Farm.  A dog volunteer’s favourite, Nige walks lovely on the lead and enjoys his group walks with other dogs here at Foal Farm.  Older family sought and Nige cannot live with cats.