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Donating Goods

You would be surprised at what we can make use of at Foal Farm!

In our charity shop we sell second hand clothes, shoes, jewellery, toys, unused toiletry gifts, books and small household items.

If you have something that you no longer have a place for, maybe some bric-a-brac, something old, collectable, unusual, and of course in good condition for its age, with few cracks or chips, then we can sell it in our Emporium or through eBay (see below).

We also make good use of items such as dog coats, grooming equipment, horse rugs, towels, newspapers, shredded paper (long shreds), blankets, cleaning equipment and anything else we can make direct use of in our day to day work with the animals.

Items need to be clean and in good condition and you can drop them off at the Foal Farm office in our opening hours of 9am to 5pm any day, except Tuesday. Get rid of your clutter and help rehome an animal now!

EbayDid you know…?

Foal has an “eBay for charity” account – and you can help!

An “eBay for Charity” account means we can sell items on eBay to raise money for the animals, and promote Foal Farm and the work we are doing to a worldwide audience. eBay charges special charity rates to registered charities who are selling items to raise money, but that’s not all!

Every person or company that sells on eBay is able to donate a percentage of the profit on their sale item to one of the charities on the list. Each time an item is for sale with all, or part of the proceeds going to a charity, a little blue and white bow appears next to the item description, and when you click on to view the item, there will be the charity’s mission statement explaining the work they do.

If you sell on eBay, you can help Foal by donating part of your profits to Foal Farm. Just go into the Charity Listings and search for Foal Farm. Or you can check out Foal’s items for sale. Our eBay user name is foalanimals. Maybe there is something we are selling that you would like to buy, or you can add to your own collection. You can save on the postage costs by collecting direct from Foal.

Alternatively, you can donate an item to Foal that we can sell ourselves. Bring it along to the Foal Farm Office making sure you put a label on it to say it may be suitable for eBay, and the office staff will make sure it goes to the right person.

Selling on eBay not only helps you to raise money. You can “recycle” unwanted items from your home removing clutter, and it is also quite exciting, as you never know how much your item will raise until the very last minute of the auction. If you are able to help the animals at Foal Farm at the same time, your help and support will be truly appreciated.