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Homing a Dog

list_dogsFOAL Farm has dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments that are looking for a new home.



Can anyone help with donations of Astro Turf please?  We are looking to refurbish our second concrete exercise run for our rescued dogs.  Just look what can be achieved after Perfect Grass Ltd donated their spare Astro Turf to us last year!

Perfect Grass Ltd donates dog run artificial turf to Animal Rescue Centre

Please get in touch with the Dog Team at if you can help!

We are very pleased to announce this absolutely lovely book by Miriam Payne that rescued ‘Ramsey’ (the brown dog on the cover) back in January 2013.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to the Kennel Fund appeal and our rescue friends Birmingham Greyhound Protection.

What’s it about?
When Santa’s sleigh crashes in their back garden on Christmas Eve, rescue dogs Ramsey and Blue jump into action. Volunteering to pull the sleigh, they help Santa meet his deadline and deliver presents around the world – all before their hoomans wake up.

The book is now available to buy at or pop into Foal Farm to buy your copy – it’s just £9.99 and will make a wonderful Christmas present for a youngster.

Can anyone help please? Vinnie and Dave are on a special diet to help with their medical conditions. Vinnie has Cushings Disease and Dave is partially incontinent.
Both have potentially found new homes and we will help with their ongoing medication needs. We will always try and help an animal in need, but this does mean our medical costs are always very high. If you’re able to donate towards their ongoing medication, please donate to our Faffin Fund here.
With regards to their food, it is highly recommended that their diet is raw based and the Low Purine and Low Phosphorous Nutriment Raw Food is the best for them. Here’s the link to our Amazon WishList:…/B00FM1VXUS/ref=wl_it_dp_v_nS_img…

Please help both these special dogs. Both were dumped in Council Dog Pounds to die before we stepped in to save them.


Food donation



We have finally got through all the absolutely fantastic donations of tinned dog food received at Christmas.  We are desperate for some more donations please.  Did you know we get through up to 20 tins PER DAY for our rescued dogs?  Please donate tins if you are able to – some are featured on our Amazon WishList – you can also drop in your donation to us here at Foal Farm or at businesses that support us:

Time4Pets, Bromley

Waggles, Bromley

Pet Perfection – Petts Wood and Green Street Green

Wish to donate to our dogs?

Some ideas for our dogs can be found on our Amazon Wishlist. Prefer to donate towards our projects? We always need donations towards refurbishing our exercise runs and also towards the Main Kennel Fund.


Please click on the left hand pictures for more information.


Mouse cuddle

Why You Should



Have I got the time

to give a dog?

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Foster a Dog to

Save a Life

Not in a position to permanently own a dog? Then perhaps you could foster for us.  Click here for a Fosterer Application Form.  Further information about our fostering scheme can be found by clicking on the logo.


 Dog Training poster  Foal Farm offers training classes to both Foal dogs and non-Foal dogs.  Classes are held at Westerham, Kent on a  Saturday morning at 11.30am.  The cost for non-Foal dogs is £70 for the course.  Training that Matters is held by an  established dog trainer and behaviourist who both guides dog owners through day to day management of their dog as  well as ‘Training that Matters’, i.e. lead work, recalls, ‘leave’ command and dog manners.  Any age of dog can participate  and we would encourage dog owners to visit the classes.  There is no harsh handling (i.e. forcing a dog to do something)  and the classes are held in small groups (maximum of 6 dogs) with dogs having plenty of space from each other (training  classes should not be used to socialise your dog).  Further details can be obtained from or by  telephoning the Dog Team on 01959 572386, option 4.

We also recommend the following training classes:

Robert Alleyne

Kent Companion Dog Training

Croydon Dog Club


 Information on adopting a

Foal Farm dog

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Staffie Campaign –

Hugs not Thugs

 Bullet 3

 Rescued Greyhounds

 Cage Concern

 Rescuing an older dog – a very special experience

Also see for dogs over the ages of 7 years old that need homes

 Volunteering with our rescue dogs

We are always looking for good volunteers to spend important time with our dogs. If you would like to be considered, please complete a volunteer application click here

Are you looking to give up your dog? Review our re-homing guidelines.