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Hazel & Archie

Hazel & Archie
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Hazel was found abandoned in a shed and brought to us in a plastic container. She was in a terrible state and very scared. Due to her temperament and long, fluffy coat we decided Hazel should become one of our sponsor bunnies. Archie was brought to Foal after a neighbour stepped in before he was released to the wild! He is a lovely boy who enjoys having a cuddle and a fuss. Since being here he has been diagnosed with renal failure ande skin cancer which does mean he needs medication for the rest of his life. Hazel and Archie fell in love immediatley and wouldn't be without each other, Hazel takes good care in grooming Archie and he likes nothing more than to snuggle up to her. With Archie's medication and Hazel's regular grooming visits to the vets along with both their yearly vaccination boosters, food, straw and hay the costs do mount up so please help by sponsoring our adorable old couple.