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Breed: Angora x Age: years Sex:
Hazel was found abandoned in a shed and brought to us in a plastic container. She was in a terrible state and very scared. Due to her temperament and long, fluffy coat we decided Hazel should become one of our sponsor bunnies. Unfortunatley Hazel recently lost her friend Blackberry so we are now hoping to pair her up with a new bunny so please watch this space for a new addition to our sponsorship scheme. With Hazels fluffy coat she needs regular visits to the vet to have it thinned and groomed so it does not get all knotted along any necessary veterinary treatment. Please help by sponsoring her today.

Flick & Flynn

Flick & Flynn
Breed: Lop Age: years Sex:
Flick and Flynn have been at Foal Farm since September 2015 after being found abandoned in a cardboard box along a dog walkers path. Both rabbits are very friendly considering the ordeal they have had to go through to get somewhere safe. Flick needs her teeth trimmed every couple of months as they do not file down properly and Flynn has unfortunately suffered from a stroke which has caused him to lose most of his vision. He has also developed early signs of Glaucoma in one of his eyes resulting in him needing to have eye drops for the rest of his life. Between the pair of them, their treatment costs £160 every two months! Even though this lovely pair are available to sponsor we would consider the right home for them and would help support their new owners with their condition.