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Pepper & Tango

Pepper & Tango
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Pepper and Tango arrived at Foal Farm due to a sudden house move. They were due to go home when the lovely Tango (Ginger) was sadly diagnosed with Renal Failure because of this they will both stay here as sponsor bunnies so Tango can continue her treatment of laurabolin injections and pepper can support her all the way. These two rabbits are inseparable they will always be together even when tango is having one of her grumpier days Pepper will groom and snuggle up with her. Due to her Illness we do not know how much longer Tango will be with us all we can do is give her love and make her as happy as possible for whatever time she has left. Please sponsor Pepper and Tango this will help with the cost of Tango’s monthly injections as well us letting us spoil the two of them even more. If you want to sponsor Tango and Pepper please head to main reception for more details.