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Breed: Southdown x Age: years Sex:
Collected from the middle of the South Downs National Park was this big beautiful sheep named Biggy he had been kept as a pet in the back garden due to being orphaned at a farm and hand reared. A change in circumstances brought him to Foal and we first introduced him with a small herd to start and sometimes with the cows and we are pleased to say that the whole process of introducing went incredibly well that he is now happy in our large herd. Biggy is a character and on occasions still prefers to sleep outside in all weathers! He loves to go on little adventures out into the field to graze just enjoying all the free roaming space he has and also has the company at hand for when he wants it. It proves handy that he is harness trained and responds to his name.

The Naughty Nine

The Naughty Nine
Breed: Sheep Age: years Sex:
We were all just about to give up hope of ever living a long and happy life. We were very poorly and very hungry, left to die without ever knowing what love was. We had to live amongst our mums, brothers and sisters who unfortunately never survived as they were just too weak. We were living in hell. Until one day all our dreams came true! We were carried away from that nightmare and for the first time we felt what kindness was! We were put into a warm, cosy bed and were fed milk all throughout the day and night. We had medicine to make us feel better and day by day we grew stronger and stronger! We are now fighting fit and are ready to enjoy the rest of our lives together as a family! We now know what love is. We are the lucky ones! Life is finally good for us here at FOAL!