Cocoa is an unneutered male the reason he isn’t neutered is because he was too old at the time. He... View Article

Kasper & Binky

*NEW BONDED PAIR* Binky is a beautiful lop cross, she loves running through her tunnels and binking around her pen.... View Article


*RESERVED* Rascal first came to us in April this year, as he needed a companion. He is a very handsome... View Article


*Reserved* Bobby came to Foal Farm in April, rabbits are so much happier when they bond in a pair, so... View Article

Meryl & Matilda

*NOT UP FOR ADOPTION* Welcome to this beautiful pair Meryl (Mum), Matilda (Baby).  Matilda was the last one in Meryl’s... View Article

Samson and Delilah

Samson (Lop) and Delilah (Lionhead), they are a lovely pair and very friendly. Delilah needs regular grooming because of her... View Article

Loki & Simba

Loki (Tri colour) and Simba (Long haired) came in at two months old with their two other siblings Hugo and... View Article

Pebbles & Penelope

*Reserved* Pebbles (grey face) and Penelope (white dot on the forehead) are sisters and were part of an unwanted litter.... View Article

Pippa & Peanut

Pippa (brown) and Peanut (grey) are a bonded pair. Their age is unknown they are a beautiful pair. They are... View Article

Flopsy & Willow

Flopsy came to us in July 2020 as his previous owner couldn’t manage him anymore. It became very clear that... View Article