Meet Binky

• Breed:
• Gender:
• Age:
1.7 years


Binky is a beautiful female lop, she is neutered and fully vaccinated. She is definitely a bundle of joy she is quit a dominant female for her age which is 1 years old. She is a very active bunny and is looking for a calm male that she can boss around.

She is a very cleaver girl she is very good at her puzzle feeders and is massively food orientated.  Binky Loves her veggies and will like to pick what she would like out of the veggie box from staff and volunteers. You can probably train binky to do anything along their is food around.

She will happily come over to say hello and chin rubs.

but because of binky active personality she will need to be in an large enclosure or free roaming indoors with a male companion, we wouldn’t recommend a large hutch because she likes here space.

so if you think you can give Binky a forever home, please fill in and online form.