Meet Buttons & Bubbles

• Breed:
Mini Lop
• Gender:
Both Female
• Age:
Both 2 months old


Say hello to these beautiful mini lops, Buttons (Brown and White) & Bubbles (Grey). These two are sisters. They came to Foal Farm at only two months old. Their previous owner had asthma and developed allergies towards them, they were very well looked after and they were devastated to give them up.

They will stay with us until they are old enough to be neutered at 6 months. These two bunnies are a bonded pair so they want to go home together. Buttons and Bubbles are very excited bunnies and love exploring and getting up to mischief. They love coming over for cuddles and also for their veggies.

Although they are not ready to go home just yet, we thought it would be rude to withhold these cuties from you all!

We will update when they are available for adoption.