Meet Cheese

• Breed:
Smooth coat
• Gender:
• Age:
1 year

Cheese originally came in with Mac his brother but due to fighting they had to be separated, we feel that Cheese would benefit a female companion. He is neutered and still only young just over a year old.

Cheese is defiantly a bolshie character towards could go with another male but we feel a female would calm him down and encourage him to be a true gentlemen. He is still a bit skittish, but is absolutely fine once handled.

The small animal team have been working with Cheese to encourage his confidence around people. He loves zooming around in tunnels and bury himself in a large pile of hay, so he would benefit in a large enclosure or CC Set up. He does love his veggies a lot and foraging around for treats.

Do you have the perfect sow to straighten out this cheeky Chap. Please fill in an online form.