Meet Meryl & Matilda

• Breed:
Mini Lop
• Gender:
Both Female
• Age:
3 yrs and 9 weeks


welcome these beautiful pair Meryl (Mum), Matilda (Baby), they came in because Meryl had a litter and her other babies were homed and Matilda was the last one but Meryl Husban got taken by a fox. which is why we always make sure that when we home our rabbits that they are in a fox proof enclosure.

Anyways the owners was distraught asĀ  Mr fox kept coming back to terrorise the rabbits and they didn’t have anywhere else for the rabbits to go, so they asked for our help and we just couldn’t refuse these beauties.

so Meryl & Matilda will be homed together and will be neutered once Matilda is old enough and once Meryl has stopped producing milk for Matilda.

Meryl is a great mother to Matilda and they are both cheeky together like mother like daughter partners in crime, they like to pick out there favourite veggies from the veggie box, they enjoy a cuddle now and again. they like chilling out together.

we will keep you updated on their progress.