Meet Nibbles

• Breed:
• Gender:
• Age:
6.7 Years


Nibbles came to us with over grown teeth and had to have multiple dental trips and the vet suggested to have his front top and bottom teeth to be removed because they were beyond repair but his back teeth are fine. Nibbles will always require dentals to keep his remaining teeth in check. Due to his lack of teeth, his diet is soaked pellets and finely chopped veg.

Nibbles is currently being treated with his gut issues at the moment until he has recovered he will be up for adoption. We will keep you posted.

During all this nibbles seemed quite sad, understandably he needs a female companion as soon as possible. The staff and volunteers give him extra love and affection during his stay. he loves going out in bunny park play pen during the day. He is very easy to handle.

We do need a very experienced rabbit owner due to his teeth needing regular checks and he will always need close observation.  He would also benefit from an indoor home with time out on the grass.

If you are interested please fill in and online form. Serious applicants please.