Meet Pickles

• Breed:
Mini Lop
• Gender:
• Age:



Pickles came to us only couple a months ago as his previous owner couldn’t manage him anymore due to him quite a poorly boy and needed a companion but didn’t have the facility of space to do a bonding process.

It became very clear that Pickles was not a well rabbit, he wasn’t eating and his teeth easing in good condition and he had abscesses in his mouth. During his recovery he still refused to eat and therefore wasn’t pooping. This is a very dangerous situation for a rabbit to be in as they develop gut stasis. He was hospitalized again He needed a laparotomy, where we discovered his stomach was impacted.

After all this pickles has made a full recovery, but will always require dentals checks to keep his remaining teeth in check. Due to his teeth problems, his diet is soaked pellets and finely grated veggies.

During all this pickles seemed quite sad, understandably and we decided he needed a friend….. so, along came larna!

Larna came in with 4 other rabbits Lucy, Lola, Lotty and leia, we took them in from another rescue that had rescued them from an over crowding situation.

we are still in the bonding process which can take up to two weeks or 2 months but we want to make sure they are happy with each other.

Although we would happily home these two lovely rabbits once they have bonded we do need a very experienced rabbit owner due to pickles teeth needing regular checks and he will always need close observation.

we will update you once they have been successfully bonded.