Meet Robin and Winnie

• Breed:
Lion head X
• Gender:
Male and Female
• Age:
7 months old

You may know these two gorgeous bunnies, these two are the Mother and Father of our baby rabbits that you have seen on our Facebook. Robin (lionhead) and Winnie came in to use becuase the previous people that had them thought they had two females but turned out Robin was a boy and they had a Litter of 5 and it became a bit to much, so we offered them a place here until we can find them a forever home.

Rabbits can start breeding at 5 months old so it is always best to get the vet to check the sex and get them neutered as soon as they hit maturity.

Anyway Robin and Winnie are both neutered and Fully vaccinated have been paired back together after Winnie has finished mothering her babies. The babies Eeyor, Tigger, Piglet, Kanger and Roo are doing fine and are thriving but will not be up for adoption until they are much older.

So we are looking for a forever home for these beauties’ they are so friendly and fairly easy to handle, love their veggies and to go out and explore.

If you think you can provide this young couple a forever home. Please fill in an online form.