Bunny Park Appeal

Published: 3 June 2021

Those of you who have visited us, most likely will have been into our Bunny Park to visit our rabbits. We are proud of our Bunny Park as it allows the rabbits a 24 hour space to play in and we can let them out on to the grass daily. However, the roof needs to be replaced; a job that our maintenance team can do, but the materials will cost us £1,600 so we could really use your help!

The roof is vital to not only allow shelter and shade for the rabbits but to also protect their houses from bad weather.

If we are able to raise additional funds, the play area is also in great need of renovation. This is a place to allow the rabbits to tunnel and leap about, providing different enrichment and brain stimulation in the form of log tunnels, ramps, a hay rack and play pit.

We are extremely grateful for any donations, thank you for your support.

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