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Development current projects

Foal Farm rely entirely on donations.  If we did not have your support, Foal Farm would not be able to rescue and look after so many animals.  Some of our animals will stay at Foal Farm for their entire life – horses, ponies, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, geese – to name but a few.  Cats, dogs and small animals are rescued then new homes sought and vetted.  If any cat, dog or small animal cannot find a home, then Foal  Farm will care for them during their lifetime.

The environment that our animals have is paramount to their care and this has to be continuously maintained.  Sometimes we will appeal for a specific area to be improved, or ask for donations towards new areas for specific animals that will enrich their stay here at Foal.  Here are the projects we are currently appealing for:

Dog Sensory Garden

Middle Kennel Run

One of our dog exercise areas before the makeover


Sensory Garden 3



Work in progress…..

 Herbs big planter

One of the lovely herb planters donated by one of our supporters.

 Perfect Grass

The A Team (that is the AstroTurf team).Perfect Grass Limited donated
AND fitted the AstroTurf for the Dog Sensory Garden.

 Richard Foord

Richard Foord-Joseph and helper of South East Builders and Decorators who carried out all the carpentry works for us.

 Sensory Garden 4



Nearly finished! Just the sandpit to build and ‘pool area’ to finish off.

 Krissy in Dog Sensory Garden

Krissy already enjoying the different levels in the garden.

Our sincerest thanks to

Perfect Grass Ltd

T&S Builders

South East Builders and Decorators

Volunteers that helped paint and fix fencing!

This is why we need to refurbish our runs:

Dogs in kennels all suffer with some level of stress due to the environment they find themselves in. Many have come from a warm cosy home, a stark contrast to the concrete walls they now find themselves in.

The walks and company they receive from staff and volunteers help in some way to alleviate this but rarely do they get a chance to truly relax.

A sensory garden is a tranquil place away from kennel life. Each area of the garden gives the dogs something new to investigate, the idea being the dogs are encouraged to naturally use their senses to explore. Use of their nose and brain induces feel good hormones such as Seratonin to be released into their body, creating a ‘feel good’ sensation.

What’s in the garden?
Plants/herbs, chosen to create scents that encourage relaxation. Dogs can also self medicate by licking and eating these non toxic plants. This is called Zoopharmacognosy, non human animals self medicating is a natural process in the wild.
A sand pit, to allow the natural instinct that many dogs have to dig. This can be encouraged by the humans bu hiding treats and toys.
Surfaces, having different surfaces such as astro turf and pebbles allows dogs to investigate and learn to feel safe on different surfaces that they may come across when they eventually get a new home.
Climbing equipment, such as a small bridge and tunnel, these allow areas to play and climb. Dogs are inquisitive animals with a need for mental stimulation.
Wooden Windchimes, to create a tranquil sound. As you can imagine in a kennel block the sound is anything but tranquil.
Screening, to place around the kennel to completely block out outside visuals helping to keep the dog free from anxiety or disturbance.
A seating area, where the dog can sit with the human getting affection and company. Ttouch can also be done here, something the staff and some volunteers are learning about. It is a technique used by practitioners to heal and open a dog up to rehabilitation.

Hopefully you can see why this Sensory Garden really could help the dogs here at Foal Farm, rehabilitation is very important to help these dogs get their forever home. Next time you see your dog laying on the sofa or comfy bed, just imagine them alone in a concrete Kennel……..

I believe every dog deserves a chance to heal.
Thank you for reading, if you can donate anything from our wish list or a little money to help create this Sensory Garden, myself, the staff here and the dogs would be forever grateful.  https://www.justgiving.com/Foal-Farm-Animal-Rescue7/

Alternatively, we have items on our Amazon WishList for the Sensory Garden.  Details can be found here. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/2H8BNQESBZEPW/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v?

Main Kennel Block Rebuilduntitled

Parts of our kennels are over 30 years old with the ‘newer’ kennels being nearly 20 years old.  The kennels are becoming dilapidated and a complete rebuild is required to ensure that we provide the best possible environment for our rescued dogs.  At the current time, none of our main kennels have outdoor areas to allow the dogs a toilet break and (when sunny) a chance to relax outside.  Our new Dog Isolation Block building works has commenced and we therefore need to turn our urgent attention to the Main Kennel Block.  We have estimated that we will require in excess of £750,000 in order to create a new kennel block.  Early indications are that we will also be able to offer sanctuary to 30 dogs whereas at the moment we can only offer 20 kennels which are fast becoming unusable.  We are appealing to any dog lovers to donate towards the Main Kennel Block Fund (please mark your donation for this Fund if sending this to us) so we can get this huge project up and running as soon as possible.

There are many ways in which you can be involved with Foal Farm and here are some of the many fun and worthwhile projects that need your help. Please download the volunteering registration form, go to donate now or email us at volunteering@foalfarm.org.uk as appropriate.

Memorial Garden

arkObjectives: A garden has been created at Foal Farm where you can have a plaque placed in memory of a much loved pet. In doing so, you also have the comfort of knowing that you are supporting the important work done to help the animals that find themselves in need of the care provided at Foal Farm. You are welcome to come and sit and view your plaque in quiet reflection, in pleasant surroundings. Foal Farm thanks Jill Clifton who was responsible for creating the garden in memory of her beloved Jack Russell Charlie. The garden is also home to our Ark and has a small picnic area. If you are interested in having a plaque, please contact the office at Foal Farm for more information on 01959 572386 or email: info@foalfarm.org.uk

How you can help: The memorial garden will need continuous work, so green fingered volunteers are always welcome.

Project Timeframe: Ongoing

Bunny Park

Bunny ParkObjectives: Our new Bunny Park was officially opened in March by The Mayor of Bromley and it is now officially open to the public. The new Bunny Houses all have outdoor runs for rabbit socialization and this also provides an excellent space for meeting potential new owners. The Bunny Park is a lovely environment for people to visit and provides a calm and relaxed environment for the rabbits during their stay before they are re homed.

How you can help: We will be looking for people to help with bunny socialisation. If you are interested in helping with the Bunny Park, please contact the Small Animal Team on SmallAnimals@foalfarm.org.uk

Project Timeframe: Ongoing