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Dogs Needing a Home


Can I live with?  Dogs: No          Cats: No         Kids: No

Little Bo has found his way back to foal after displaying some aggressive behavior in the home of which he had bitten.  

5 year old Bo is an extremely nervous lad and although he enjoys fuss it is very much on his own terms and he requires his own space.

Unfortunately it became apparent that Bo was unwell as he was struggling with faeces being very loose for consecutive number of days.  As we always do, Bo was taken to our vets for immediate treatment and after further investigation it turns out that Little Bo has a liver problem.  We have been treating him with medication and a very controlled diet of which seems to be working as there has been a significant improvement.  Future check ups and veterinary treatment are a must for Bo so any potential adopter will need to be relatively local to Foal in order for this to happen.  Ongoing treatment is always supported by foal for any dog with an existing health condition.

Now we need to find Bo a home of which needs to be a quite, calm place, with no children or visiting children and no other animals.  Potential adopters will need to be confident in helping Bo with his behavior of which will be fully supported by us here at Foal farm.







                    Can I live with? Dogs: No          Cats: No         Kids: No 

Hello, I am Max. As you can see I am a stunning male German Shepherd. I have come to FOAL as my owner sadly passed away and the family could not cope with me. As stunning as I may be, I am certainly not for the faint hearted as I require a lot of confidence building and it takes me a long time to develop any trust with a human. I have shown aggression since being here but I am slowly coming around and have begun to show some trust in a couple of the dog team here. I have not really seen the big bad world and am only just beginning to experience a normal life so someone will need a lot of patience and time to help me settle and teach me how is appropriate to behave. 

I  want a home with one, maybe two adults in but I do not want to live with children whether they are resident or just visiting. My carers are still assessing me with other dogs so for now I would rather have a home with no other animals at all. 









Can I live with? Dogs: No          Cats: No         Kids: No

3 year old, Large crossbreed Gizmo is at foal due to housing issues.

A real ladies man, Gizmo seems to prefer women to men and can show aggressive behaviors towards those he doesn’t  know however, it does not take long to become acquainted with Gizmo and he bonds very quickly with people. 

He does have a nervous side to him so introductions must be slow and any potential adopter must be willing to give Gizmo space in order for him to gain trust. 

He enjoys being brushed but is not a fan of being hugged or restrained.

Once Gizmo knows you, he is a very comical chap, who loves to play although he can be a little possessive over soft fluffy toys but with guidance from us here at foal we can assist any potential adopter with managing this.  He is good on lead but caution will need to be taken around other dogs and cyclists as he is not a fan of them. 

Gizmo is a lovely boy who is seeking a home with no other animals and no children or visiting children.  He will need someone who has patience to allow him to adapt and follow any training put in place by foal.  This boy is a big lad who has a big heart and just needs some guidance.  PENDING FURTHER ASSESSMENTS!







Can I live with? Dogs: Yes       Cats: No      Kids: No 

We really need everyone to share our special appeal for a special boy.
Prince is a 4.5 year old Spaniel who originally came to us in 2018 because his owners couldn’t cope. He then went to a home where he remained for a year but then we got a call to say he had bitten a few times and they could no longer cope with him.
It turns out Prince had quite serious resource guarding issues, meaning, once he has hold of something or he thinks something is of value he is prepared to guard it.
Prince has been with us ever since until recently when he went into a foster home for a month with a lovely couple who had spent a lot of time getting to know him. All the time at Foal Prince has had ongoing training and his obedience is good, he is great with other dogs and a pleasure to walk, even his resource guarding had declined.
But in foster a new issue arose, he started attention seeking and the fosterers kept in touch with us for advice. Sadly the attention seeking became very obsessive and Prince actually became aggressive if they just wanted to sit and watch a film or something. Over the weeks the aggression got worse until it escalated into several bites on the fosterer. We immediately collected Prince and they were devastated to say goodbye but it is very clear Prince is not suited to home life.
Outside this boy is great and would make a great companion for long walks in the country, hiking or possibly even running. He can meet people outside without issue and as I said before he is great with dogs.
So we find ourselves in a predicament… what does Prince need?
Well, he is happy in kennels with a couple of long walks and toilet breaks a day, we see no aggression and he is settled.
So in order for Prince to not spend his life here, we need a special home, somewhere he will get plenty of exercise and garden time BUT he does not go in the house and his living quarters are a heated, secure kennel in the garden, which Foal Farm would be happy to fundraise for to build, if needed. You must have no children for obvious reasons or cats but other dogs should be fine after introductions here.
We really cannot stress enough how unhappy this dog is living in a house set up, we would hardly ever want kennel life for our dogs but we are listening to what Prince is telling us and we feel we owe him that.
So, please share to anyone or any groups where you think the right person might be waiting. Please email info@foalfarm.org.uk if you feel you could offer Prince the home he so desperately needs.
Thank you








                      Can I live with?  Dogs: Some     Cats: No      Kids: No                                                                                                                                                         

Here at Foal Farm we have a special little lad called Buddy, he is a French Bulldog and is only 18 months old.
He came to us in June 2020 due to starting to show aggression, the family were devastated as they love him dearly but with young children this was obviously the right decision.
Buddy is certainly a character and has had 2 failed foster homes since being with us, also due to aggression.
The dog team have worked really hard with this little fella, ensuring whilst he is here he goes out on big runs with a few friends that he has made here, he gets to see the world to continue his socializing and most importantly he is getting intensive training to try to make him a more socially acceptable dog.
I think sadly this breed have suffered through their popularity, it has led to bad breeding which is not just affecting their health (Buddy is healthy) but their behavior.
Buddy struggles mainly with people, it takes a little while to warm to people he does not know, but since being on his training plan is coming on leaps and bounds. Once you are in his bubble he is very funny, loving and affectionate little boy.
His training has been about working on him settling indoors and this went well at the last foster home, Buddy will need his own space and will NOT be a furniture/bed dog, he definitely requires his own area in your home.
Outside our biggest challenge was to get him to walk past people without making his dislike obvious! With his training he has massively improved and is regularly taking trips to the towns locally to continue his education.
His new home needs a special person or couple. He will need the following as a must:
No children
No other animals but could possibly live with a calm female in the right home.
A place in the house where he can feel safe
Boundaries in the home
Someone who is prepared to continue his training 
He needs to be treated as a dog not a baby
Someone willing to visit Foal Farm regularly and then allow Foal staff to visit with Buddy to show you the training and get him used to your surrounding area where you will want to walk him.
We know this is a lot to ask but we know you are out there…. If you can help us give Buddy the best life then we will be with you every step of the way.
Please email info@foalfarm.org.uk if you fit the bill!  







Can I live with? Dogs: No       Cats: No       Kids: No

3 year old lurcher Luna is with us at foal due to a change in her owners circumstances. 

Luna is a very shy and nervous girl who will require some help gaining confidence from her adopter.

She is currently spending lots of time away from Foal with one of our wonderful volunteers who is helping Luna adjust to real world scenarios and also working on being able to leave her as she struggles with being alone.  

She is a very sweet girl who can be reactive to some dogs and people whilst out walking however we believe the kennel environment is contributing to this. 

Luna is a very affectionate girl who enjoys fuss and will make a lovely companion within an adult only calm and quite home.  She also loves training and learning new tricks and her favourite game is recovering tennis balls hidden beneath blankets.

Should you be interested in offering Beautiful Luna a home please complete the compulsory application.








Can I live with? Dogs: Possibly a calm male       Cats: No         Kids: No

Please meet Georgie, a 3-year-old staffy who is full of beans!

She arrived at FOAL a few months ago as a very lively young dog who was lacking basic manners. She was very bouncy and it became clear that she’d had very little training and had been given no boundaries previously. Georgie had no focus and no self-control, which meant that she would become over excited very quickly and this would escalate into very hard mouthing. 

Georgie has had a lot of one-to-one training since being with us and we are pleased to say she has responded very well as her behaviour has improved dramatically. She has become a much calmer dog, who has much more focus on her handler and really enjoys training sessions. 

We are looking for adopters who are willing to put in a lot of time and effort into training, which FOAL dog team will offer ongoing support for. 

Georgie is a friendly girl who enjoys making new friends but due to her behavioural issues we are looking for an adult only home, including no visiting children. Georgie is good with dogs out and about and we would consider a home with a calm male dog, however she may be best suited as an only dog to ensure that her new adopters can fully concentrate on her needs. 

Being such a young, bright and lovely girl, with a lot of patience and commitment she will blossom into a very lovely companion. She just needs a calm home with a dedicated family.







Can I live with? Dogs: No    Cats: No     Kids: No

2 Year old Wilma has found herself at Foal after being in kennels around the country for most of her life.

During this unstable time Wilma has developed behavioural issues and although she is a very intelligent young lady her training will be ongoing. Her new owner must be willing to work with Foal Farm with this training and visit her a number of times as the poor girl has had too many let downs in her life so we must get it right for her now.

If you are looking for a dog you can pick up and cuddle or think that any time during her lifespan there may be children visiting or living in the home then please do not apply.

On the good side Wilma loves to play ball, she walks beautifully on the lead and is a happy girl. 

If you are interested please fill in our online application form.







Can I live with? Dogs: No    Cats: No      Kids: 12 years+

Please meet our lovely Grace (showing off her ears!) she is a very beautiful tan greyhound who is 5 years old. She is a confident girl who has come to FOAL as her racing career had ended. Grace, like many Greyhounds, will need a little time to settle into a home environment and be allowed time to get to know the routine. We believe she will flourish and become part of the family and make a wonderful companion. 

Grace is reactive towards other dogs out and about, her behaviour towards other dogs has improved during her time with us and she is able to walk past most dogs with no fuss. She needs an owner who can understand this and help her to overcome her worries and continue her education about different breeds of dog in the big wide world. She does however, get on with dogs of her own breed. 








Can I live with? Dogs: Yes of similar size    Cats: No    Kids: 12 years+  

Gunther is a 3.5 year old stunning lad who has come to us after finishing his career in racing. He has a very sweet nature and is a laid back and chilled out boy. He walks well on the lead and is a pleasure out and about, but one of his favourite things to do is lay down and have his tummy tickled. 

As an ex-racer Gunther will require patience and understanding to adapt to living in a normal home environment, but we believe that with time and support from his new family he will flourish into a lovely family dog. We think he would make an ideal first time greyhound or slot into a home looking for a second dog with a similar breed already.