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Dogs Needing a Home

Please complete an application form if you see a dog on our website that you may wish to offer a home to, subject to introductionsPLEASE ONLY COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FORM IF THERE IS A DOG THAT YOU MAY CONSIDER OFFERING A HOME TO.

To apply to rehome a dog please complete the online application form.

**PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PUPPY APPLICATION FORM IS NOT CURRENTLY WORKING.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE ABOVE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM**To apply to rehome a puppy or dog under 18 months please complete the online Puppy application form.

Please note that when a dog has RESERVED on his or her description, this means the dog has found a potential home, subject to interviews, introductions and homechecks.  You are more than welcome to complete an application form but we may not respond to you, unless the dog becomes available due to admin limitations. 

Please note that our kennels are not open to the public.  This greatly reduces the stress on our dogs.

Please note that if you are visiting to look for a dog, you may not be seen immediately as we have to honour any existing appointments that have already been made.




RESERVED  Grommit is a cracking boy who just adores people that he meets. He is a bouncy boy who loves a good walk. Despite this, Grommit struggled with greeting people appropriately when he first came to FOAL as he would get over excited. Due to this, we are seeking an adult only home. Grommit is very responsive to training and is learning very well here. Something that we would help any potential adopters to deal with.

Grommit is picky with the dogs he likes and will pick and choose his friends. Again, he can be easily controlled but this is something that a new owners would need to bare in mind when out on a walk. He would probably do better in less dog populated areas such as street walking.

Grommit has been here for two years now and is so deserving of a loving home with someone who is experienced with dogs. He needs to be the only animal in the home and no children please.


8 year old Jeff is very dear to us as he’s deaf.  He can hear some deep tones but cannot hear general day to day noises, so the world to him can be  a very scary place.  He is an absolute dream to train and picks up hand signals very quickly.  However, he can show aggression towards strangers/visitors to the home so he is crate trained and his new adopters will need to take this into account.  Jeff’s seeking his own room so he can not see strangers arriving or leaving in the household.  So, we’re seeking a fairly quiet, low visitor threshold home.  Jeff has some doggie friends here at Foal Farm but can react to being surprised by a dog appearing so Jeff would be best as an only pet.

We try to give our dogs respite out of kennels and here’s what one of our dog volunteers had to say about Jeff when he went to her house for the day:

Little Jeff is a volunteers favourite and a big character who always makes us smile.  Before meeting Jeff I wondered whether a deaf dog would be harder to interact with … not a bit!  If anything it makes Jeff interact more with us humans.  He tends to look at you a lot more than hearing dogs and is adept at reading facial expressions which makes him very endearing.  He is very bright and every bit as easy to train as a hearing dog (just substitute a hand sign for a verbal command) and loves this sort of interaction.  

I took Jeff home for an afternoon to see what he was like in a home environment.  He was just as affectionate as ever and a very good house guest, not jumping on the furniture or venturing upstairs without invitation.  He does have issues barking at strangers but you have to put yourself in his paws .. not being able to hear does mean he is easily startled and when you are so small this must be quite scary.  


4 year old Saluki lurcher that requires an adult only home.  Kit suffers some anxiety when out and about when he sees some dogs but can cope with some, including Jeff the terrier!  However, he walks very well with all our sighthounds here at Foal Farm and is very well behaved around them. He recently enjoyed a trip the the local high street with a stop off at the cafe and proved to be very calm around these surroundings.  He can be very affectionate and enjoys a good bottom scratch.  We are seeking an adopter that will work with us on Kit’s reactions when out and about.  Kit is a firm favorite here at Foal Farm and deserves a four star home.  Kit has progressed extremely well with ‘leave’ training and his reactiveness has reduced greatly.  We all adore this special boy and would love to see him in a home.


3½ year old large crossbreed girl who enjoys being out but we have discovered that she adores scent tracking!!  Floss can lack focus when walking but is a superstar at tracking a scent and is progressing very well on this.  This provides enrichment to Floss and she is much calmer in her kennel so we know that she will flourish in the right home.  Floss is affectionate but a bit giddy so we’re seeking an older (teenager) family or someone wanting a big bird companion to spend their days with.


9 month old Frenchie Diesel is with us as he was becoming over excited with the young children in the home.  It was apparent when Diesel arrived here that he is totally deaf and is now learning sign language – a whole new communication world has opened up to him!  It was also apparent that Diesel has a spinal problem and x-rays have shown that his ribs and spine are deformed.  As he is still growing, nothing can be done yet but he will need to be monitored in the future.  Diesel requires a very special adopter that will appreciate the training that will be needed as Diesel is deaf.  An adult only home please so that Diesel’s concentration levels as a young dog can be addressed and he can get a bit rowdy with fast movement.  Diesel would prefer a home with no other animals.  Gets on fine out and about with other dogs but is not very good reading their body language, therefore can be a little annoying to some dogs.


Stunning 13 month old lurcher that sailed through his assessment.  Bailey can live within an older family home, only due to his bouncy excitement with toys, (he could knock little one’s over or indeed nick their toys).  Bailey could possibly share his home with another dog, subject to introductions.  Please bear in mind that he is an excitable boy and any existing dogs will need to be able to tolerate this.  Bailey does suffer some separation issues but is being crate trained here at Foal Farm very successfully so his adopters will need to be around for part of the day and appreciate the training that will need to be done with regards to building his confidence when left.  Bailey can possibly live with a dog-savy cat, subject to further assessment.  Please complete a Puppy Application Form.


Rebel is a large crossbreed that is 3 years old. Sadly, Rebel loves us hoomans a little too much and does suffer some separation anxiety when left.  We therefore need his adopters to be around for the best part of the day so he can adjust to being left on his own.  Rebel gets on with dogs out and we would possibly consider rehoming him with a similar sized female dog.  Rebel can live within an older family (16 years plus) but not cats.  A darling boy that has been fabulous in a home previously apart from not liking being left on his own.


Prince is a 3 year old Spaniel crossbreed of medium size but a strong boy!  Prince has guarding issues so we are seeking a strictly adult only home for him.  His new adopters will need to work with us to ensure that his behaviour is kept under control as he has shown high aggression over items in the house.  We are progressing well here at Foal Farm and Prince is learning that when he has a possession, we have no desire to remove it from him so he is slowly beginning to trust us hoomans again.  Gets on well with other dogs out and about but we would like Prince to go as an only dog.


KiKi, is a 13 year old Staffy, who arrived last week.  She is a very sweet natured girl who has Cushings disease.  This is managed by medication and she is doing well.  KiKi is looking for a loving family home and could live alongside other dogs subject to introductions here at the farm.  A real sweetie who just wants to be loved and enjoy life through her twilight years.  Currently in foster with 3 other dogs and a child with no issues at all.  Lovely, gentle girl.


This fabulous boy was rescued after his injuries on his legs meant he was of no use any more.  Rufus is 9-10 years old and never known love or a home.  Three of Rufus’s legs have old pressure sore injuries on them that have calcified into the bone as no medical treatment was previously given.  He is doing really well on antibiotics and pain relief (which will be long term) and Rufus is looking for a retirement home.  Rufus needs an adult, pet free home as he is still learning the ‘normal’ stuff.  He is a large dog and we will consider a garden only home due to his legs but he does enjoy his short walks.


RESERVED  This gorgeous 2 year old boy has waited a little while for his assessment as he needed to adjust being in rescue.  This is as a result of not being taken out much and experiencing life as a young dog should.  We are very pleased to say that Dexter is now ready to look for his new home. He can get overexcited and mouth (however, he did live with young children in previous home without incident) so we are looking for an older family (children 16 years plus) that will appreciate that Dexter needs gentle weaning into a normal everyday life.  May be able to share his home with another dog (female) subject to careful introductions but we feel that he would be best as an only dog so that his needs can addressed effectively.


Hope is a medium sized crossbreed that assessed well here.  However, she can get anxious out on a lead so we’re looking for an adult only home for Hope.  She would prefer to be the only dog in the home but out walking she is fine. Shes a lively girl who came in very skinny but is doing well here now. 

Hope is like a big puppy and should be treated like one. She is very quick to learn and with some input, love and patience could become the most amazing companion for someone.  


RESERVED  Lovely Robbie is 3 years old and a large lurcher. 

Robbie is absolutely adorable around humans and can live within a family home.  In his prior home, he did previously have some separation issues that were successfully resolved so we expect that, with a good routine in place, Robbie would make a calm and wonderful addition to a family.

Robbie enjoys the company of other dogs and may be able to live with a dog, subject to introductions.

Sabby and MacKenzie

These lovely 7 year old girls are very bonded so are seeking a home together.  Their adopter must appreciate both girls, Sabby is the Newfie and MacKenzie is a medium sized spaniel.  Both very fun loving and require an adult only home.


Reggie is a 6 month old Rottweiler that has had 3 homes so far before coming to Foal Farm!  Typical adolescent boy that requires an adult only home and someone willing to put the effort needed to ensure Reggie matures into a sensible adult dog.  Due to the work Reggie requires, although training with other dogs is going well, we are seeking a pet-free dog for Reggie.  Supporting information on your application is essential.


The photograph doesn’t do this girl justice.  Also, please note that the muzzle mark on her nose is NOT as a result of being at Foal Farm.  At just over 2 years old, Yoki didn’t fancy racing (luckily) so was rescued and is seeking her new home.  She is absolutely delightful, if a little nutty like a fruitcake!    Her tail doesn’t not stop spinning.  She is just so happy, she would make an older family a delightful dog.  The only reason we are not seeking a younger family home is that Yoki may help herself to a few toys or food as she’s passing!


Cute as a button 7 month old pupster that is with us as his owner was working long hours.  Needing all the usual puppy requirements, Ralphie will also need someone around for some of the day as his adopter may need to work on leaving him on his own/toilet training etc.


RESERVED  Lively 3 year old chunky monkey crossbreed that’s playful and a very happy chap!  Seeking an older family home, mainly down to the exuberance he shows in play and also some sensitivities around his body area.  Nice little companion.


RESERVED  Gorgeous Maggie is 6-7 years old and was found dumped in woods.  She has a lovely temperament and would make someone a lovely companion.  Because of her size, we are seeking a teenager upwards family.  


RESERVED  Gorgeous boy that is nearly 4 years old and rescued from the racing industry.  Very affectionate and always wanting cuddles, Tomo’s assessment went very well and he can live within a family home.  However, as this will be Tomo’s first impression of a home, please provide supporting information on how you will allow him space in the first few months so he can acclimatise in a household.  Currently kennelled with Yoki, Tomo is also non reactive towards small dogs.  A fabulous first time Greyhound for someone.



Adolescent Barney is seeking a ‘houndy’ home. Barney has some excitabiity issues and has shown aggression over possessions and food in his previous home so adult only applications please. Also, please ensure that you complete an Application Form with emphasis on supporting information as to the reasons why you are able to provide Barney with what he needs.

Barney has, however, excelled on his training programme and when sufficiently stimulated, we find him snuggled in his bed asleep at tea time! But,if Barney is bored, this can manifest very quickly into negative behaviour. We will work with Barney’s adopters to ensure he is successfully rehomed for life.