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Dogs Needing a Home




Kids; No           Cats; No            Dogs; No 

This special boy has been with us for quite some time. Sadly, Kit came to FOAL as a 6 month old youngster and was believed that he had been involved in a hit and run incident. Kit was soon rehomed for a number of years but as he got older he started exhibiting some behavioural issues that the owner felt his environment was unsuitable for Kit, so Kit came back to us at FOAL Farm.

Kit is reactive to some dogs when out and about and can get frustrated when dogs are around him. Although he gets on with some dogs and enjoys a play around with some there are others that he is not so keen on. Because of this we are looking for a dog free home and a home with no children so that he can be completely focused on. 

He enjoys a trip to the local high street with a stop off at the cafe and proved to be very calm around these surroundings and so can be rehomed in an urban area.  He can be very affectionate and enjoys a good bottom scratch but he takes a little while for him to trust as he is quite an anxious boy and due to this is quite an independent lad who is happy with his own company. 





Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Yes 

RESERVED Prince is a 3 year old spaniel who needs an understanding home where they will understand he is not the easiest of dogs. Prince has got guarding issues and will protect items that he deems as his. Foal Farm will assist any potential adopters with a training plan and managing his behaviour in the home environment. Due to this Prince needs an active adult only home. 

Out and about Prince is absolutely fantastic with other dogs and enjoys group walks with some of the other dogs here at FOAL but due to the time and attention he needs we are looking for a pet free home. 

When Prince is out on his walks he is an affectionate chap who enjoys spending time with his handlers and going for long walks. Although strong on the lead he is excelling in his lead walking training and beginning to walk nicely next to his handler. He is becoming a dream to walk and we hope this will continue with his new adopters. 






Kids; 15+     Cats; No      Dogs; no   

Harry is a 8 year old a Jack russell who sadly came into rescue due to not coping very well with his owner being poorly. Harry can be a shy and quiet lad but is a very affectionate, loyal boy. Harry is very unsure around other dogs so for that reason we are looking for a home with no other animals and older family home. If you feel you would love to give Harry the home he deserves please fill in an online application form. 






Kids; Teens     Cats; No      Dogs; Possibly   

Benji is a 10 month old collie looking for a new home. He was brought into FOAL as his owner had a change of circumstance and was unable to cope. This lovely, but nervous lad is a busy boy who would like an active home. He is initially nervous and therefore we are looking for a home with teenagers. Benji is undergoing further dog tests as he will react to dogs out and about and for this reason we will be looking for an animal free home. If you can offer this boy lots of walks, time and patience please fill in an online application form. 







Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Possibly   

RESERVED Buddy is a 3 year old collie x greyhound who has come to us as his owner felt they had no time for him. This lad has had a lot of work put into him but does have some nervousness where he can snap when he feels threatened and therefore we are looking for a adult only home with no children or teenagers living in or visiting the home. Buddy loves a game and his food and can be possessive over his food and toys. Buddy forms strong bonds with the people who gains his trust. Therefore, we are looking for someone willing to come and spend a bit of time with him in order to build that bond. Buddy enjoys the company of dogs and we would possibly consider homing him into a home with a calm female subject to introductions here at foal farm. If you think you have the time and patience to offer Buddy a home please fill out an online application form. If you fill out a form for Buddy please state that it is for Buddy (Collie x) 






Kids; 16+     Cats; No        Dogs; No 

RESERVED Little faith has come to us from the racing world. She is a sweet natured little girl who is very unsure of the world and is very nervous. Once she knows you she is a very affectionate girl who has a lot of potential but we are looking for someone who can be calm and patient to allow this beautiful soul some time to blossom and become a confident greyhound. We are looking for a calm home with older teenagers and a home with no other animals.  





Kids(Including visiting)  No       Cats; No      Dogs; No  

Please note Freddie is looking for a single person or at the most a couple. Please read below.


Three year old French Bulldog that is seeking a strictly adult only home, including no visiting children and the home also needs to be animal free as Freddie does not get along with other animals. 

Freddie finds new people (or too many people) very difficult to deal with and has bitten. Anyone who may be interested in him Must be prepared to come and visit him a number of times in order for him to bond with his potential new Human friend (Please take into consideration how far you are willing to travel possibly more than once per week).

With hard work and regular contact Freddie bonds extremely well and has made a lifelong friend with one of our carers here at FOAL farm and has proved that once he has bonded he is a loyal little boy. Therefore we believe that a singular person or Possibly a couple devoted to working with FOAL farm to ensure that Freddie has the best transition into a home. Please note  If you have regular visitors Freddie will not be able to cope with them.







Kids; No       Cats; No       Dogs; No 

Young Kenny is a large 2 year old crossbreed. Kenny has not had a good start and has been passed from pillar to post throughout his life and this has left him feeling very unsure about the world and the people in it.

We are really appealing for an experienced home, a home that is experienced with dealing with a challenging dog. Kenny has bitten and has the potential to bite in the home that he was in so it is important that his forever home has no children in, this includes visiting children we are also looking for a pet free  home. If you have pets or children/teenagers in the home or visiting then please do not apply. 

Kenny can build strong bonds with people that he deems trustworthy but his circle is small and therefore would ideally like a home with a singular person but would consider a couple who have had challenging dogs before. 




Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Some 

9 Month old Merlin is as handsome as they come, Greyhound cross saluki,  Merlin cannot live alongside cats and small animals.  He walks well with dogs of his own type however not so well with small, fluffy types.  Merlin understands some basic commands but requires further training and help to build his confidence of which we have begun here at Foal and Merlin is responding well.  He has displayed some guarding issues around food therefore we are seeking an adult only home who preferably have saluki experience.  Could you be the one Merlin is waiting for?






Kids; 16 upwards      Cats; No      Dogs; Some 

Larry is a handsome greyhound who is looking for his final retirement home. Larry is nearly 4 years old and has come to FOAL after he had finished his racing career. Larry would now like somewhere, where he can learn about his new world and learn what life in a home environment is all about. Larry is a bouncy boy who has lots of fun to offer. He is quite a confident Greyhound and definitely loves his food. Larry is looking for a home with older teenagers and no small animals but could possibly live with another similar breed of dog, ideally female. 







Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Yes 

9 year old Sabby is at FOAL Farm as she showed some behavioural issues within the home. This beautiful girl is big and therefore requires a spacious home. Sabby takes a while to trust people and any potential adopter would be asked to come and meet her several times so you can gain that trust. Sabby has bitten in the home and we believe this is to do with her past. She isn’t a dog that wants to be cuddled and fussed over and she isn’t a fan of grooming (however this is something the dog team will support a potential adopter with) and therefore we are looking for someone who is happy to let Sabby have her space and do her own thing. Sabby is good with other dogs and could possibly share her home with a dog of similar size however we are looking for a home with adults only and no visiting children. 







Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Some 

RESERVED Unfortunately Buddy has found his way back to Foal.  Being 11 months old and not having the best of starts in life has had a massive impact on Buddy and his ability to cope with the world.  He is a very nervous boy who has bitten in the previous home and has the potential to bite if he feels threatened of people he does not trust.  Once you bond with Buddy he is a very funny, loveable and affectionate chap. 

Buddy does need training and guidance but most of all Buddy’s adopter needs to be someone with experience, patience and are willing to commit to this boy’s needs of course with full support from us here at foal.  Buddy could possibly live alongside another dog subject to introductions here at foal.  Adult only home please for this special lad. NO cats 






Kids; 12  years plus      Cats; No      Dogs; Larger or similar Breeds       

May we introduce 5 year old Donnie.  Greyhound Donnie has finally retired from racing and is now looking for his forever home.  Donnie has been racing for a longtime therefore cannot share a home with any small animals including small dogs, however larger breeds are an option for Donnie and he may benefit from having an existing dog to show him the ropes.  Donnie is very unsure of almost everything but who could blame him.  Due to nervousness we are looking for an older calm home where we are sure Donnie will blossom into a confident gentleman.  No cats 





Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; good when out but not to live with 

9 month old Bane is a big lad who has come in due to possessiveness over certain items and had actually bitten the owner. Bane is an American bulldog who is extremely strong on the lead and needs lots of work to ensure he grows up into a well mannered adult dog. He has proven himself to be a clever chap and has picked up on this training very quickly. Bane is good with other dogs but we would rather home him as an only dog due to his behaviour. If you think you could offer Bane a home please fill out an online application form. 





Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; No 

RESERVED Bear is a 3 year old Rottweiler cross shepherd who forms a strong bond with people she trusts. She is extremely loyal and would make a wonderful companion. Bear is a large girl who needs someone with experience with large breeds. This girl has not had the best start and has never lived in a home so we believe it will take some time for her to settle and adapt to a new life in a home. We are looking for someone who will allow her time to settle into the new environment and therefore are looking for a home with no children or teenagers and no other animals. If you think you are that special home then please fill out an application form. 







Kids; Teenagers      Cats; No      Dogs; no  

RESERVED Beautiful little lady Betty has come in due to an owners change of circumstances and is now ready for her new home. This pretty little girl is 5 years old and is finding kennels quite stressful. Betty is a fun loving and excitable girl who enjoys her walks and loves the company of humans and therefore we are looking for someone who is around for a lot of the day. Betty can be choosy with dogs when out and she is not a fan of cats so a home with no cats is a must. Due to her excitement we are looking for a home with teenagers upwards.