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Dogs Needing a Home



                          Dogs: good when out but not to live with     Cats: No     Kids: No

4 1/2 year old Rumple is a male Cocker Spaniel who is at foal farm due to guarding issues. 

Rumple is a playful, excitable boy who likes other dogs when out and about but due to his guarding of toys and other objects we think he may do best on his own but would consider another calm dog that is not so toy motivated. This is subject to ongoing training and assessment.

We have already made progress with Rumples guarding issues in his training at Foal Farm but would not place him in a home with children or visiting children.

If you have the time and are dedicated and willing to work with us with his training then please fill out our online application.







        Dogs No          Cats No         Kids No 

Poor Lexi is here because she did not get on with another dog that lived in the same home. Lexi is a 3 year old cross breed (Most likely Boxer cross) and a very beautiful girl she is too.

This young lady can be very nervous of men but has made a few male friends at Foal Farm.

Lexi is looking for a home with maybe a single person or couple where there is no children, no planned children or no visiting children and of course no other animals.

She bonds with people very easily so trust building is quite easy but she can be reactive toward dogs and due to her nervousness possibly even some people when out so due to this will need a more experienced or at least a very dedicated owner.







Kids including visiting; 10 years +    Cats; No    Dogs; No

Handsome Sam arrived with us just a few days after he’s final Race.  Sam is almost 5 years old and is a gentle boy.  He is learning of the world beyond racing and care will need to be taken around other dogs and smaller animals.  He is a gentle boy who loves human company and is seeking a home to enjoy life and love.   












Kids including visiting; No       Cats; No      Dogs; Yes 

Prince is a 3 year old spaniel who needs an understanding home where they will understand he is not the easiest of dogs. Prince has got guarding issues and will protect items that he deems as his by means of biting. Foal Farm will assist any potential adopters with a training plan and managing his behaviour in the home environment. Due to this Prince needs an active adult only home. 

Out and about Prince is absolutely fantastic with other dogs and enjoys group walks with some of the other dogs here at FOAL but due to the time and attention he needs we are looking for a pet free home. 

When Prince is out on his walks he is an affectionate chap who enjoys spending time with his handlers and going for long walks. Although strong on the lead he is excelling in his lead walking training and beginning to walk nicely next to his handler. He is becoming a dream to walk and we hope this will continue with his new adopters. 







Kids; No       Cats; No       Dogs; No 

Young Kenny is a large 3 year old crossbreed. Kenny has not had a good start and has been passed from pillar to post throughout his life and this has left him feeling very unsure about the world and the people in it.


Kenny has shown that he is a very intelligent lad, and picks up training quickly when cheese is the reward.  He also enjoys a game of ball and a splash in puddles but he is not to keen on bad weather and would rather stay snuggled in bed.

We are really appealing for a home that is experienced with dealing with a challenging dog. Kenny has bitten previously so it is important that his forever home has no children in, this includes visiting children we are also looking for a pet free  home. If you have pets or children/teenagers in the home or visiting then please do not apply. 

Kenny can build strong bonds with people that he deems trustworthy but his circle is small and therefore would ideally like a home with a singular person but would consider a couple who have had challenging dogs before. A young dog that has been let down so many times who truly deserves a chance. 






                                  Kids; No       Cats; No       Dogs; No 


Little Frenchie is 2 1/2 and has come in as she did not get on with the visiting children in the home. This little lady is an absolute sweetheart. . Frenchie is not so keen on other animals and therefore we are looking for a pet/dog free home. 

This little lady needs a lot of time and patience to settle into her new home but we are sure she will make a wonderful companion for someone who is at home a lot of the day to spend time with her. 

Little Frenchie has had a confusing past, and was born with both the male and female organs. Having had a few operations to fix this Frenchie is now the most beautiful little girl you could meet. However, we believe this has led to her being slightly incontinent and will need a very special home with someone who understands her needs. 

If you have an adult only home then please apply.









                                             Kids; 16+         Cats; No        Dogs; No 

Please meet the beautiful Arky, this handsome 6 year old was brought in through no fault of his own. His owners became house bound and felt that Arky needed more so reached out to us for help. 

Arky is a friendly but independent lad with a lot to offer. He attaches himself quickly to his people and forms strong bonds with them. Arky can walk nicely on the lead but can react to other dogs and animals when out and therefore we are looking for a pet free home for Arky. 

Arky can be a bit mouthy when he becomes over excited but generally is a calm lad. We need someone who is at home most of the day as Arky has never been left and we believe he will struggle with this. This big soft lad is a bit of a water baby and does like to play with his water bowl, he will definitely keep you on your feet. 

So if you are a pet free, and child free home  then please fill out an online application form. 








Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Yes 

9 year old Sabby is at FOAL Farm as she showed some behavioural issues within the home.  Large girl Sabby takes a while to trust people and any potential adopter would be asked to come and meet her several times so you can gain that trust. Sabby has bitten in the home and we believe this is to do with her past. She isn’t a dog that wants to be cuddled and fussed over and she isn’t a fan of grooming (however this is something the dog team will support a potential adopter with) and therefore we are looking for someone who is happy to let Sabby have her space and do her own thing. Sabby is good with other dogs and could possibly share her home with a dog of similar size however we are looking for a home with adults only and no visiting children. 

Having worked with Sabby for over a year now, we have developed a very special friendship of which has been created through understanding and trust.  I can now groom Sabby frequently and she has begun to enjoy it.  She comes to me for fuss and interaction.  She also loves nothing more than throwing herself on grass for a good roll. We have been going out weekly away from the farm and she is an absolute pleasure to walk although being a Newfoundland lakes and streams are in Sabby’s mind there to be swum in!  Sabby is a very special girl who just needs to build a trustful relationship with her potential adopter. 

Lisa – Dog Team






                                                                Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; Some 

Unfortunately Buddy has found his way back to Foal.  Being 11 months old and not having the best of starts in life has had a massive impact on Buddy and his ability to cope with the world.  He is a very nervous boy who has bitten in the previous home and has the potential to bite if he feels threatened of people he does not trust.  Once you bond with Buddy he is a very funny, loveable and affectionate chap. 

Buddy does need training and guidance but most of all Buddy’s adopter needs to be someone with experience, patience and are willing to commit to this boy’s needs of course with full support from us here at Foal. 

We are seeking an adopter who has dealt with a difficult dog previously and must willing to visit Buddy here at foal as frequently as possible to build a connection with him of which may take some weeks.    Also a home that has no visitors as Buddy does not cope well with new people.

ADULT ONLY HOME please for this special lad. NO cats or visiting children. 






Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; good when out but not to live with 

Little 9 year old Bessie is with us as her owner sadly passed away. This poor little lady is a little lost at the moment but coming around nicely. Bessie had lived with her owner for quite some time so her world has been turned upside down. Bessie is looking for someone who is at home a fair amount of time to spend some time with her to help her settle in. Bessie has a real personality and can be a little cheeky, especially when it comes to being handled. Bessie can become wary and have a little snap if she does not want you touching her. Therefore we are looking for a adult only home. Although Bessie ignores dogs when out we think she would prefer a home to call her own so that she can be her new owners world. 








Pickles and Milo

Kids; No      Cats; No      Dogs; good when out but not to live with 

Pickles the crossbreed is 7 years old and a quiet and shy boy but loves his human attention very much. Although slightly reserved, Pickles is a really friendly chap.

Milo the JRT is 10 years old and a real character, although slightly older this boy is full of life. He enjoys the company of his people.

Both these dogs have come in as the owner was poorly and unable to care for them any longer. They are a bonded pair who need to go home together. We would prefer to home them altogether to a home with no other animals and older children, probably teenagers upwards.  






Kids (including visiting); No.  Cats; No Dogs; No

3 year old Luna is with us at foal due to a change in her owners circumstances.  Luna is a very shy and nervous girl who will require some help gaining confidence from her adopter.  She is a very sweet girl who can be reactive to some dogs whilst out walking however we believe the kennel environment is contributing to this.  Luna likes her food and tennis balls in particular and has previously shown some guarding issues around these items however, Foal will assist any potential adopter with regards to training and management of this behaviour.  Luna is a very affectionate girl who enjoys fuss and will make a lovely companion within an adult only calm and quite home.  Should you be interested in offering Beautiful Luna a home please complete the compulsory application.









Kids; Teens         Cats; No         Dogs; No 

Pretty girl Ruby is with us as she didn’t get on with the other dog in the home. This lovely girl is a dream at 6 years old. She loves her human company and can be a bit of an attention seeker in the home. This pretty girl needs someone who is at home most of the time as she does struggle to be left. Ruby loves a game of fetch and has some wonderful manners when playing. She can be a little over excited and will mouth when it all gets a bit much. Due to this we are looking for a home with teenagers only and no other animals. This little girl is a true love bug and in need of her new home. 






Kids; No          Cats; No         Dogs; Possibly a calm male 

Staffordshire bullterrier Georgie requires all basic training.  At 2 years old poor Georgie is lacking basic manners and is seeking an experienced adopter who will commit to offering her this all important guidance.  Georgie is full of beans and very bouncy of which results in some very hard mouthing when she is over excited.   Poor Georgie has so much potential, and she responds to training and enrichment very well.  The dog team here at Foal will assist Georgie’s adopter with training of which will be supported when she is ready to go home.  Very lovely girl who just needs an adopter who will offer commitment and patience off which will result in a lovely dog.









Kids; No + Cats; No Dogs; No

Could you help Bambi?
This is Bambi’s story.
Bambi first arrived with us in July 2020. He was found as a stray and came to us after serving his time at the pound. Being a stray, we had no information on Bambi and on he’s arrival it was clear that Bambi had some behavioural issues. We put a training plan in place and Bambi was rehomed. Unfortunately Bambi was returned as he’s behaviour become unmanageable. As time has progressed we have seen a massive decline in Bambi. We have been monitoring him since his return and it became apparent that Bambi’s problems are not just behavioural. We believe that at some point in this poor dog’s life he has received an injury to the head of which has caused damage to Bambi’s Brain. We do not know how or when this injury was sustained however we do know that this is now a condition that cannot be rectified. Bambi now needs a home. We do not have a definite prognosis for Bambi and each day has to be taken as it comes. Bambi is on medication to help balance the brain and also on medication for allergies as he can only have foods of which are chicken based. Bambi is so full of life and deserves a home. He likes to go for walks but can be reluctant at times. He loves to play ball and enjoys time in our paddock. Bambi does have guarding issues around food and anything that involves food requires management. Bambi does like human companionship with people he trusts and is currently our office dog however he is nervous of new people. Bambi is also good with other dogs but due to the ongoing health concerns we are seeking a home that is pet free and that will dedicate the time that Bambi needs. We are seeking a home that have no children living or visiting. We would require Bambi to visit our vet for further consultations when needed so potential homes will need to be local to Foal. Someone who has had experience with a difficult dog would be beneficial and more than anything patience.






Kids; No    Cats; No     Dogs; No

2 Year old Wilma has found herself at Foal after being in kennels around the country for most of her life.

During this unstable time Wilma has developed behavioural issues and although she is a very intelligent young lady her training will be ongoing. Her new owner must be willing to work with Foal Farm with this training and visit her a number of times as the poor girl has had too many let downs in her life so we must get it right for her now.

If you are looking for a dog you can pick up and cuddle or think that any time during her lifespan there may be children visiting or living in the home then please do not apply.

On the good side Wilma loves to play ball, she walks beautifully on the lead and is a happy girl. 

If you are interested please fill in our online application form.