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Dogs needing a home backup

To home a Dog please complete the online application form.

Click photos for more information on the dog!! (New dogs may not have any additional information yet).




Lovely 4 month old boy who was surplus to his breeding owner.  Never seen life so can be scared at first but soon gets over this with people and other dogs.  Currently in foster with two other dogs and having the time of his life (for the first time, no doubt).  He will bond extremely quickly to his adopter so separation plans need to be in place to ensure this fella learns that it’s okay to be left alone sometimes.  Fletcher may benefit from sharing his home with another dog but this is not essential with the right adopter.  Can be rehomed into a sensible, active family.



And yet another pupster surplus to breeder’s requirements (we are at a loss as to why people still purchase puppies from such people).  Approximately 9 weeks old, this little fellow needs an adopter who can fulfill all his puppy requirements.  He can live with another dog, cats and within a family home.



Delightful girl whose tail never stops wagging.  Side to side generally but helicopter style when she meets anyone on a walk!  Mouse is 10 years old but she doesn’t know it and acts like a puppy.  She’s great with people and children (she’s spent the last two days playing happily with an 8 year old in and out of her kennel) and she may be able to share her home with another dog, subject to introductions.  Mouse may also be able to live with cats, again subject to further assessment and introductions.



Stunning Kobi is 8 months old.  However, please do not let looks deceive you … he’s a big puppy that has never been taught appropriate behaviour so we’re looking for an adopter who has previous dog experience or someone willing to work with us with his training.  Kobi may be able to live with another dog but cannot live with children under the ages of 14 years old due to the time and patience needed for him.  Please put supporting information on your application form as to the reasons why you would make a good adopter for this great dog.



Fantastic small/medium sized staffie who is 8 years old.  He is a delightful fella who is friendly with everyone and also may be able to share his home with another dog, subject to introductions.  Harley will need a cat assessment and can live within an older family home.


Snoopy old sbt
Lovely 11 year old boy who is desperately seeking a foster home whilst we sort out his medical issues. Snoopy is great with other dogs and friendly with people.


Missy sbt jrt
Missy is a lovely 8/9 year old small crossbreed. She is very friendly with people but can be choosy with other dogs so we’re looking for someone who wishes to pavement walk or garden only exercise for her.  She would suit someone looking for a small companion to share their days with.


April 4
April is a fantastic medium sized staffie.  Great with people and dogs alike, she would make a good first time staffie for someone.



James is a stunning 4 ½ year old rescued Greyhound.  James wasn’t in the best of condition when he arrived but is improving daily with love and care.  James loves to hang around with his other sighthound friends – Jenny and Bullet – as well as Dash, the Greyhound crossbreed.  Playful in nature, James can live with another dog, subject to introductions and within a family.  James cannot live with cats.


Lovely Kit is a young lurcher who is currently in foster and doing very well. He has received an operation for a break in his leg and is recovering very well but will need some aftercare, ie crate rest. We are looking for a home that has an existing dog as Kit LOVES other dogs and LOVES to play. Kit can live within a family. More Kit pictures


Big bird Roxy is a lovely girl! She came to Foal as a ‘stray’ needing immediate surgery on her rear right side due to a tumour. She’s got the all clear so she’s looking for a special home. Roxy can live within a family but she needs to be the only animal in the home. She can get extremely concerned about other dogs being near her so pavement or garden only exercise is essential.


Bullet is a stunning 3 year old very rare black Greyhound.  Despite his clearly lack of care and love in his previous ‘home’, he remains a happy boy who is always pleased to see humans!  He’s currently sharing with Jenny as he gives her confidence on his sunny outlook on life.  Bullet may be able to be rehomed with another dog but cannot be rehomed with cats.  Bullet is looking for a fun family to share his love with!


Stunning GSD crossbreed Star is a 10 month girl looking for a new home (with a grooming brush!).  Star is very friendly and has been great meeting everyone and other dogs.  Star is medium to large size and looking for a family to call her own.  Star may be able to be rehomed with another dog, subject to introductions, can live within a family but cannot live with cats.


The lovely Ralph needs a home and quick. He came to Foal very underweight and he’s very ‘out of sorts’ and definitely would like his home comforts soon! Ralphie prefers a home on his own, although he is calm around most other dogs out and about. He is a very unsure dog and needs a routine and confident but understanding new owner. He’s clearly had a really rubbish life so we’re looking for someone special.


Hello, my name is Keeper. I am a 9 month old crossbreed who has found myself looking for a new home. I am a young boy who can be a little bit nervous at first, but I soon come round when theres food involved! I am an intelligent young man who is enjoying my training. I would love to find a companion to show them just how clever I am! I am fantastic with other dogs. although I can be a little clumsy. So I could possibly share my new home with a female dog. I would prefer a home with older children and no cats please!


Meet the gorgeous lady Ruby, Ruby is looking for that special home where she can become part of a family who loves her just as much as we do. Ruby can live with another dog subject to introductions but no cats thank you. Children above 7 years plus.


Krissy loves her walks and would do well with an owner who enjoys the outdoors. Krissy is housetrained and could suit part-time workers. She gets on well with other dogs out and about but would suit being the only dog in the home. I do require an experienced large breed owner who can continue with my obedience training that I have started here at foal farm. I have been in foster for 6 months and they have toilet trained me, got me used to being left on my own for short periods. They say I rarely bark and I have stopped begging at the dinner table!!! I have my quirks but would really love to find my forever home as I have been here too long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E8QGZCgirE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyoz1-eov4s


This is Kris also known as Krystal. This poor girl’s owner passed away and she was left to live outdoors in freezing temperatures. Now Crystal is desperately looking for a home to live out her years. Krystal loves people if not just a little shy at first but prefers not to be around other dogs. Although very strong she can walk very calmly in the lead. If you would like to know more then please contact us at Foal Farm.


Hi my name is Wizz. The refer to me as an older Jack Russell but I certainly do not feel old. I can form a very strong bond with one or maybe just a few people but I would like an adult home only with previous challenging dog experience.  I love my home comforts and I’m on ‘day release’ with one of the dog team which I’m really enjoying. I love to go for trips in the car and my favourite things in life are my toys. I may be able to live with a well behaved friendly female dog but I don’t like all dogs. Hope to hear from you soon. https://www.flickr.com/photos/112338494@N02/


Fritz is a wonderful little man that tries very hard with his training. We need a new owner to show him the ropes on how to mature into a sensible adult dog! Adorable chunky dog who deserves a chance with a loving family. Fritz can possibly live with another dog, possibly cats and an older family (15 years plus).  Fritz is currently in foster so we know lots about him.Fritz sleeping!


This is our beautiful Gypsy. She is so lovely although quite nervous (mostly of men) at first. Once she gets to know you she is very friendly and affectionate. She is fantastic with other dogs but would need to live in a cat free home. Please contact a member of the dog team for more information.


Hello. My name is Hoshi. Translated this means Star you know. I am looking for an experienced owner as I am distrusting of strangers at first. I enjoy my walks but I will need pavement or garden only exercise as I prefer to be an only dog.  I’m looking for an adult only home with no other animals. I getting on a bit so would love to have a home to call my own I just need that special someone.  I am also available for foster.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6F44wzZDL8


 Hi, I’m Hotch I enjoy my walks but I do need some work being left on my own which these guys at Foal Farm will help my owner with. I’m a cracking dog who wants to learn and am currently being clicker trained. I have some doggie friends here at Foal and may well settle with another dog, I cannot live with cats and can live with an older family. If you think you could offer me a home please get in touch with a member of the dog team.


Here is the stunning Janice, Janice is a medium sized greyhound who is a beautiful girl. She is quiet in her kennel and enjoys going on her walks with her two Greyhound friends Junior and Jenny. Janice could possibly live with another dog subject to introductions. She needs a cat test and could live within a family with children 8 years plus.  Janice is currently in foster so we know lots about her.


Sweet boy who needs some ongoing training with excitability but nothing major. He’s a very friendly boy who needs an adult only home but could possibly share with another dog. Lucky cannot, however, live with cats.


Simon is a big fellow who needs an owner, preferably with experience of large breed dogs as he is strong! He’s friendly when out and about and may be able to share his home with another dog. He is exuberant but keen to learn so an older family would be preferred as he will knock over small children!


Lovely Skye is with us because both of her owners got ill at the same time so she had no home. Skye is tolerant of other dogs out and about and may be able to live with a calm dog. She loves a toddle around in the paddock and adores cuddles. Skye can live within a calm family.  Skye is currently in foster and spends most of her time in bed snoozing away!!


This is Clarence who didn’t have the best start in life. Clarence is very wary of people he doesn’t know and so anyone that wishes to meet him will have to visit us several times to get to know him before progressing with getting Clarence into a home environment successfully. Clarence loves other dogs and would benefit from an existing dog in the home. Due to Clarence’s nervousness, he is looking for a quiet, adult only home with no children or visiting children.


What a lovely girl! Tiggs is just 11 months old and a small lurcher crossbreed. Tiggs is a normal lurcher type dog and will need some training in order for her mature into a sensible girl. She’s friendly with other dogs but needs a cat assessment. As long as a family doesn’t mind living with a bouncy, fun girl, she can live within a household with teenage children upwards.