Meet Chaz

• Breed:
West Highland White Terrier cross
• Gender:
• Age:
7 years
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Please meet Chaz. He is a happy go lucky boy who seeks affection from those he is comfortable around, loves his walks and especially a game of ball!

Chaz is a sensitive boy who does not enjoy being handled, this has previously led him to bite. He suffers from a skin condition, which we now have under control with our vet. We believe that this is why he has become so sensitive to touch but he has also learnt that the reactive behaviour he displays makes people go away. We have been working with Chaz to overcome his fear of touch and we are pleased to say that he is making positive progress.

Chaz has also shown guarding issues around items. Within the home this will have to be carefully managed, as well as adopters being willing to continue the training that is being carried out at FOAL. Chaz is proving to be a clever boy and is showing improvement in this area.

Out and about Chaz is great to walk, he can be reactive to some dogs however, he will walk happily and enjoy a long walk with most dogs. Chaz is used to being left for several hours in his previous home and he appears to be happy in his own company, so he would be able to be left at home for part of the day.

Chaz does have a stubborn and independent personality, we are seeking adopters who appreciates his independence and will give him his own space. He is looking for a new family who have patience, time and to be willing to continue the training that the dog team have been carrying out. In the right home we believe he will continue to improve.

This little chap isn’t for the faint-hearted but once he has bonded with you, he is a sweet boy who really is fun and loving. He does enjoy a fuss and will seek affection from his human friends, it is just important to recognise when he is enjoying his own space and to leave him be on these occasions. He loves playing with his toys and he is a joy to spend time with.

Chaz requires a home where there are no other animals and no children, including visiting children. If you feel you could offer Chaz a home, please fill out the online application form.