Meet Chaz

• Breed:
West Highland White Terrier cross
• Gender:
• Age:
7 years
• Can I live with children?
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?

Please meet Chaz, he is a happy go lucky boy who loves his walks and especially a game of ball. He is always pleased to see people and will seek affection from those that he is comfortable around.

Chaz is a very sensitive boy who does not enjoy being handled and has previously bitten on multiple occasions. Chaz suffers with skin conditions which he is now undergoing veterinary treatment for. We believe this may be contributing to his behaviour and why he is so uncomfortable when it comes to handling.

Chaz does have a stubborn and independent personality which means that we are seeking an adopter who appreciates his independence and will give him his own space, as Chaz is not a lap dog and does not want to be treated as one.

Out and about Chaz is a pleasure to walk, he can be reactive to some dogs which adopters would have to bear in mind when out walking. Chaz is used to being left for several hours a day in his previous home and he appears to be happy in his own company, so he would be able to be left at home for part of the day.

Any potential homes must not have any other animals or children, including visiting. Chaz is a really sweet boy when you get to know him, if you feel you could offer him a home where you are happy to let Chaz be, please fill out an online application form.