Meet Dixon

• Breed:
Cocker Spaniel cross
• Gender:
• Age:
3.5 years
• Can I live with children?
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?

Please meet Dixon, a sweet chap who originally came from Spain.

Dixon is nervous of new people but more so with men than women. He comes around fairly quickly, particularly when there are treats involved!

Once he bonds with you, you have a friend for life. He is a very affectionate boy who loves to have a cuddle and play a game with his toys. He does become over excited very quickly and will mouth, we will be able to advise potential adopters with this behaviour. He also loves going for long walks and enjoys scent work.

He is a really lovely boy who does need some boundaries put in place within the home and FOAL will of course assist adopters with this and additional training that Dixon requires.

Dixon is not a fan of other dogs, he is able to walk alongside other dogs but he does not like dogs who come into his personal space.

We are looking for a quiet, adult only home for Dixon with no other existing animals.  Dixon has had separation issues previously, so we would like him to go into a home where someone is around most of the day to help him settle into a new routine smoothly. We will ask any potential adopters to visit FOAL a number of times in order to gain Dixon’s trust before he sets off for his forever home.