Meet Flo

• Breed:
Saluki cross
• Gender:
• Age:
4 years
• Can I live with children?
Yes - over 12 years
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?


Please meet the very beautiful Flo, a 4 year old Saluki cross.

Flo is a very nervous girl, she is particularly nervous around men and any situations which are new to her. This young lady has not had the best of starts, therefore she is seeking adopters who are willing to offer her time and patience to allow her to become more confident.

Since being with us Flo has started to really come out of her shell, she has formed very special relationships with staff and volunteers. Once Flo is familiar with you she is a real fun and loving girl, who is so gentle. Flo is truly a joy to be around and time spent with Flo is always calm, relaxed and enjoyable.

Out and about Flo is lovely to walk on the lead. She can get spooked quite easily though and will try and avoid objects that worry her, such as cars. She is brilliant around other dogs and is always up for playing, however she is also able to just walk calmly beside other dogs. Flo is typical of her breed and will chase small animals, such as squirrels or cats.

We are looking for a quiet home for Flo and adopters who are able to offer Flo the guidance that she needs to become a more confident dog. Flo does need a lot of time and patience and we believe that she will be a wonderful companion in the right home. She has such a loving nature and most definitely has so much potential.

We are also seeking adopters who already have an existing dog, preferably a calm male dog of similar size. We believe having another dog will really benefit Flo and help to build her confidence.