Meet Gizmo

• Breed:
German Shepherd cross Collie
• Gender:
• Age:
4 years
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• Can I live with dogs?

Gizmo originally came from Romania 3 years ago and has found himself at FOAL due to his owners housing issues.

Gizmo is nervous of new people initially, more so of men and he has shown aggression towards those he does not know. However, it does not take long for him to become acquainted with new people, especially when there are treats involved! He bonds to people quickly, so has made loads of friends with staff and volunteers here at FOAL. He is certainly a firm favourite with us all.

Once Gizmo knows you he is a bundle of fun and a loyal friend for life! He is a comical chap and makes us laugh with his silly antics. He is also affectionate and loves to play, he is a real joy to spend time with.

Out and about Gizmo is reactive to other dogs, however we do believe that the kennel environment is contributing to his behaviour. As when he is offsite and away from kennels, he is much calmer around other dogs. We are looking for people who will be happy to walk Gizmo in less populated and quieter areas, as Gizmo has previously been reactive to cyclists and people who take him by surprise. He is able to walk through high streets happily, as it is a more controlled environment.

We are looking for a pet free and adult only home with no children, or visiting children for Gizmo. He requires a home where there are also limited visitors. Potential adopters must be willing to visit Gizmo regularly at FOAL to build a bond with him before he sets off to his forever home.

We have put a training plan in place for Gizmo in regards to his reactivity and general obedience. His training will be discussed in detail with potential adopters and ongoing advice and support would be offered for the rest of his life. Gizmo is such a lovely boy who is waiting for his chance to meet a new family and he will make a wonderful companion.