Meet Gizmo

• Breed:
German Shepherd cross Collie
• Gender:
• Age:
3 years
• Can I live with children?
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• Can I live with dogs?

Gorgeous large crossbreed Gizmo is at Foal due to his owners housing issues.
A real ladies man, Gizmo seems to prefer women to men and can show aggression towards those he doesn’t know however, it does not take long to become acquainted with Gizmo and he bonds very quickly with people.
He does have a nervous side to him so any potential adopter must come to Foal numerous times in order to gain his trust.
Once Gizmo knows you he is a very comical chap, who is affectionate, enjoys a brush and loves to play. He can be a little possessive over soft fluffy toys but with guidance from us here at Foal we can assist any potential adopter with managing this. He is good on lead but he can become reactive around other dogs and cyclists as he is not a fan of them.
Gizmo is a lovely boy who is seeking a home with no other animals and no children or visiting children. He will need someone who has patience to allow him to adapt and follow any training put in place by Foal. We are also looking for adopters who are willing to visit Gizmo a number of time at Foal to build a bond before he sets off to his forever home. This boy is a big lad who has a big heart and just needs some guidance.