Meet Harley

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3 years
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Harley is a 3 year old Cockapoo. Her family had no choice but to bring her to Foal Farm due to severe resource guarding, which had led to Harley biting.  From our thorough assessment we found Harley also to be very nervous of some people, resulting in defensive behaviour.

The dog team have worked very hard and have developed a training programs  for this young lady who is has shown great improvements in her obedience.

When Harley first arrived she lacked confidence with new people but this has greatly improved, However although the training helps control her guarding issues which are now under control here at Foal, they will very likely re surface on transition to a new home, therefore Harley’s training will need to transfer to her new home and family. Her potential adopters will need to be willing to visit a number of times (at least twice a week) to form a bond and work with the dog team on her training.

Although Harley is very good with dogs when out and about her guarding issues mean she cannot be homed with any other dog or other animals.

We are looking for either a single person or couple with the confidence to continue her training and be willing to keep in touch with Foal Farm who will offer training support. A larger family will not suit Harley as it will be difficult to adjust her behaviour to too many people resulting in her being more unsettled.

For someone who has good dog experience and loves to spend outdoor time with their dog she may be perfect.

A number of visits to Foal Farm for her training would be required so please consider your location and traveling.

No children, visiting children or cats please.