Meet Luna

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3 years
• Can I live with children?
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?
Luna is a 3 year old lurcher, she originally came to us in 2018 due to not getting on with the other dog in the household. We sent her off to a new home but sadly due to a change of circumstances she was returned in 2020.
Luna has been here ever since and we really feel she deserves a forever home where she can feel safe and loved.
We have discovered that Luna finds being left difficult, she is an anxious dog anyway, so it’s not a surprise.
But Luna has been lucky and found herself a part time volunteer who takes her home at weekends. This allows her to de stress, practice her training and allows us to learn more about her all the time.
Luna has improved gradually with being comfortable and we definitely feel that with a full time home she will overcome her fear of being alone. A potential adopter would get our full help and support.
Wendy has said that she is affectionate, playful and a great companion.
Luna does also have a fear of strangers but once she knows you, she is so loving and a great dog to be with.
This is what she needs:
No children or cats
Could possibly live with another lurcher or greyhound but this would definitely require a lot of introductions as Luna can react to some dogs when out but we are open to the possibility for the right dog. We would suggest an older calm male skinny! But as a lone dog would also be great as then she can finally get all the love!
A home where the adopter has the time to continue her her training, someone who works from home would be perfect.
A quiet house with very few visitors, we do think Luna may need to have her own area where she can be safe when people do need to visit. This would keep her relaxed.
She would love a garden to run and play ball in, a big soft bed, lovely long walks and someone she can rely on.
Luna really is a sweetheart who just needs someone to give her a chance.