Meet Luna

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• Age:
3 years
• Can I live with children?
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?
Possibly a calm male of a similar breed

Luna is a 3 year old lurcher, she originally came to us due to not getting on with the other dog in the household. We sent her off to a new home but sadly due to a change of circumstances she was returned in 2020. Luna has been with us ever since and we really feel she deserves a forever home where she can feel safe and loved.

Luna struggles with being left alone and one of our wonderful volunteers Wendy, has been taking Luna home for the weekends over the past few months and she is making progress with this.  Wendy has also been working with Luna and her negative reactions to people she does not know.  Luna is a very insecure girl and finds people overwhelming.  Her progress with Wendy has been carefully managed and she has began to accept visitors to Wendy’s home and interacts well with them whilst there.  Luna has began to show more confidence in herself since visiting Wendy and she is also clean in the home and her kennel.  With the progress she has made on her weekend visits just imagine her potential in a stable forever home.

Luna’s favourite thing in the world in tennis balls and her wobble kong that she knocks around and enjoys the treats that falls from it.  She also enjoys training and game playing with cheese as her reward.

Luna is a pleasure to walk but can be reactive to other animals and people.  She is quite easy to manage and gives good signals to indicate that she is uncomfortable in certain situations.  She also loves her time spent at our secure location where she gets to run free without the worry of anything else being around and recently she also took a dip the pool which shows her confidence is coming through.

Luna is a real sweetheart and loves to be with her chosen people.  She can been quite inquisitive and shows interest in what you are doing but she is also happy to take herself off and relax whilst you carry on with your own business in the home.  She is a very affectionate girl and does enjoy interacting with you.

We are seeking a quiet home for Luna with few visitors, and a safe space for Luna as she may need to have her own area where she can be when people do visit.  a special person or persons with time and patience to give Luna a chance.