Meet Moose

• Breed:
Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
• Gender:
• Age:
3 years
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Our handsome boy Moose is seeking a home who can offer lots of patience and commit time to his training.

Moose has had very little experience within a home environment and finds it overwhelming.

He has had limited experience of the outside world and when introduced to new people Moose has shown aggression.  Moose is as very worried boy and can find new situations very scary.  He looks to his handler for reassurance and guidance but he is very cautious of people he does not know.

Moose has had visits to the local high street where he was not phased by the traffic.   His favourite place is at our local ponds where he loves to sniff the area.  Moose is manageable to move aside to let other dogs pass but he will lunge should they come to close.  He travels well in the car of which for him when he first arrived was another traumatic experience, but has since learnt that the car takes us to fun places.  Moose is a pleasure to walk but can be strong on the lead when he feels he needs to be which seems to be when he wants to get away from something.

Since being with us Moose has come on leaps and bounds!  He is very intelligent and extremely eager to please.  Once he has bonded with you he is a very loyal and affectionate dog, who also has a quite comical character.

We believe that within the right home and with adopters that are willing to visit Moose regularly to develop a connection here at FOAL and work alongside us to ensure the transition into a home is done in the best possible way, Moose will become the most loving and loyal dog.

Homes must have limited visitors and certainly no children or visiting children and no other pets.