Meet Prince

• Breed:
Cocker Spaniel
• Gender:
• Age:
4.5 years
• Can I live with children?
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?

We really need everyone to share our special appeal for a special boy.
Prince is a 4.5 year old Spaniel who originally came to us in 2018 because his owners couldn’t cope. He then went to a home where he remained for a year but then we got a call to say he had bitten a few times and they could no longer cope with him.
It turns out Prince had quite serious resource guarding issues, meaning, once he has hold of something or he thinks something is of value he is prepared to guard it.
Prince has been with us ever since until recently when he went into a foster home for a month with a lovely couple who had spent a lot of time getting to know him. All the time at Foal Prince has had ongoing training and his obedience is good, he is great with other dogs and a pleasure to walk, even his resource guarding had declined.
But in foster a new issue arose, he started attention seeking and the fosterers kept in touch with us for advice. Sadly the attention seeking became very obsessive and Prince actually became aggressive if they just wanted to sit and watch a film or something. Over the weeks the aggression got worse until it escalated into several bites on the fosterer. We immediately collected Prince and they were devastated to say goodbye but it is very clear Prince is not suited to home life.
Outside this boy is great and would make a great companion for long walks in the country, hiking or possibly even running. He can meet people outside without issue and as I said before he is great with dogs.
So we find ourselves in a predicament… what does Prince need?
Well, he is happy in kennels with a couple of long walks and toilet breaks a day, we see no aggression and he is settled.
So in order for Prince to not spend his life here, we need a special home, somewhere he will get plenty of exercise and garden time BUT he does not go in the house and his living quarters are a heated, secure kennel in the garden, which Foal Farm would be happy to fundraise for to build, if needed. You must have no children for obvious reasons or cats but other dogs should be fine after introductions here.
We really cannot stress enough how unhappy this dog is living in a house set up, we would hardly ever want kennel life for our dogs but we are listening to what Prince is telling us and we feel we owe him that.