Meet Snowball

• Breed:
• Gender:
• Age:
7 months
• Can I live with children?
Yes - over 12 years
• Can I live with cats?
• Can I live with dogs?


Snowball is a very young crossbreed, approximately 7 months old, who was brought to Foal Farm as a stray and has not been reclaimed by her owner.

We have quickly come to realize that this young lady is deaf or at least almost deaf so will need a dedicated person or family willing to make an effort with her training.

As with some other deaf dogs that come in to rescue, although at some point someone has obviously done some training with her, Snowball’s behaviour must have deteriorated in her home as she can be very disruptive and be very¬† boisterous. It is possible her owners did not realize she was deaf at first.

We will consider homing Snowball with another dog dependent on how well her training goes as although she is dog friendly she knows no boundaries with other dogs. A larger dog who is social but very calm and controlled may suit.

Due to her age Snowball will need someone to be at home much of the time and would not suit doggy day care.

If you have the time and patience to continue Snowballs training and give her a ‘Forever home’ then please fill in our online application. Please note that any visiting children must also be over 12 years old.

Update: Several weeks on and Snowball is doing very well with some of her training. This clever girl knows hand signals for ‘Wait’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Come’ and ‘Go to’. She is also learning to fetch and drop toys, however she becomes distracted very easily when out so ongoing training is a must for this growing girl.