Meet Ziggy

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1 year
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• Can I live with dogs?

This is Ziggy, a 1 year old crossbreed. Ziggy came to FOAL as he was brought over from Romania and his owner had mental health issues and was unable to keep him.

When he arrived he was a lost and scared soul and he showed aggression towards the staff. We learnt very quickly that Ziggy needed time, patience and care to allow him to form a trust and bond with the staff. Well, Ziggy has excelled and has bonded with the staff and volunteers. However, we do feel that he may revert back once going into a new environment and therefore looking for someone rather special who will work with us in building a bond and helping Ziggy to trust them.

Out and about Ziggy finds the world overwhelming and would rather run away from the world and its goings on. He will need a lot of confidence building before he can go for long walks like a ‘normal’ dog. He will need time to adjust and adapt to the new environment. Of course, FOAL staff will support anyone who is successful with this and Ziggy will be brought to the home for numerous visits before adoption can be complete.

We are so proud of Ziggy as he adapts to new people very quickly now, something which used to be a challenge for him. He is a clever boy who is eager to please, training sessions are always fun with him. He is a very loving and affectionate boy once he has a relationship with his human friends and he is certainly a lot of fun to be around, he loves playing games with his toys. Ziggy really does need a chance and he will be a fantastic companion for a very lucky family.

Due to his needs we are looking for an adult only home with no children visiting or residing in the home. Ziggy is good with dogs and could possibly live with another dog, preferably a female but is unable to live in a home with any small animals such as cats.