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Homing a kitten application form


Foal Farm intends to place a kitten in a home where it will be cared for the rest of its life. We give you all the available advice and information regarding the kitten you have chosen, and also offer you help & advice after adoption.

Please think carefully about your decision, as we consider that you either know you can cope with a kitten or you can’t – and FOAL does not automatically give refunds.

FOAL Farm may refuse the right to adopt a kitten without giving reason. All animals remain the property of FOAL, and are adopted at our discretion.

Please complete all questions below.

Name / description of kitten

About your Household

Your name
Home telephone number
Mobile telephone number
Email address
Your age
Potential issues

Cats need company and a stable routine. If any of the following is an issue in your home at present, or in the near future, please tick where relevant and give further details in the field below.

Domestic problems
Financial difficulty
Poor health or hospitalisation
Moving home
Staying with relatives
Expecting children
Expecting other pets


If you have ticked any items above please give details here
Names, ages and relationships of all adults living at your home
Do you have children?

About Your Home

Type of accommodation
(please specify floor if you live in a flat)
If you live in a flat, which floor
Do you own your own home?
If no, who does?
Written permission from your landlord will be requested
Do you have, or intend to install a cat flap?
Do you have access to a garden?
Is your home on a busy road?
Are you home all day?
If you are not home all day please explain why and how long you will be away
Are you happy to keep the kitten indoors until neutered?

Other Pets

Do you own any other pets? Please give details such as type, age and where they are kept
Have you owned a kitten before?

Caring for and training a kitten is a big responsibility. Please answer following questions fully.

1) Your kitten starts messing on the carpet in your home, how will you teach the kitten to stop this?
2) How would you introduce a new kitten to an existing animal in the home?
3) Your kitten starts scratching your furniture, what will you do to prevent this in the future?
4) Your kitten develops diarrhoea, what would you initially do to stop it?
5) Your kitten starts biting & scratching people, what would you do to stop him/her doing this?
6) You may add extra information to support your application