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Homing a Small Animal

list_small_animalsFoal Farm has a number of small animals that are looking for a new home. We often have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets, rats and degus.

These animals require lots of care and attention, so please ensure that you know how to look after these animals before committing to having one as your pet. Please note that although some small animals make excellent pets for children, it is important that they receive guidance from a responsible adult.

1) Choose an animal

Click on the link opposite to see the small animals that are currently available.

2) Introduction

Once you have chosen a small animal, please email us at to make an appointment to meet the animal. You will also need to complete the Application Form which you should bring with you. We will let you know the homing fee for the animal that you have chosen.

3) Home Visit

Some small animals, particularly rabbits, may require a home check. If your introduction is successful, the office staff will give you the telephone number of two home checkers in your area. You will need to contact them directly and arrange an appointment for them to visit you in your home. If the visit is successful, they will complete and sign the Application Form.

4) Collect your new pet

You can now make an appointment to collect your new pet by emailing complete your  Application Form first.

Please don’t forget to bring a basket or cage to carry your pet home in. You will be able to purchase food and accessories in our pet shop at the Farm.

5) Enjoy your pet

Having a small animal should be a rewarding and joyful experience. If you have any problems, please read the section called “Top 10 small animal tips” or call us at Foal Farm.

Are you looking to give up a small animal? Review our re-homing guidelines.

Complete our small animal adoption form here.