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IMPORTANT information regarding donated goods


The picture above is our incoming area for donations in our sorting shed.
This picture was taken on our Sale Day this Sunday just gone, and as you can see, despite our volunteers coming in almost every day, we are absolutely overflowing with donations!! Not only is the incoming area overflowing, but the sorting area at the back of the shed was piled up too which made it incredibly awkward and very difficult to get out the tables and trays of goods that went on sale on the stalls outside, not to mention rather hazardous!! Normally only sorted items are allowed in the back sorting area so we can get to all the items that are ready to go in the shops.
The main items that are blocking our incoming area are TOYS, DVD’S, CD’S, HARD BACK BOOKS, AND LARGE ITEMS. The large items have to be left outside, which in this weather is absolutely NOT suitable as they get wet, damp, and very muddy. Obviously then no one wants to buy them and a they end up in the skip, which costs us over £300 every 4/5 weeks to have emptied.
We are asking our supporters to please, please, hang on to all these items for 4 or 5 weeks so that we can get to the bottom of the pile and organise some more space.
We get some amazing donations as you know, and it’s heartbreaking to see some of them get damaged or wet etc. We can take a few bags and boxes at a time, but van and car fulls are difficult to find room for just at this moment.
If you are not sure what we can and can’t take at the moment please just call me on 07710 535049, and in the meantime we have several teams of volunteers that are waiting to clear and organise the backlog as quickly as possible.
It’s your donations that keep Foal Farm going, and give the animals everything they need while they are here, and we really appreciate your generosity and help.Thank you all very much.
Jackie Sands.