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In Memoriam

We know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet and are thinking of you.

Foal Farm invites you to leave a tribute to celebrate the life of your pet on our website. Please email your name and photo to and make your donation here.

What better way to leave a lasting tribute to your pet than by helping place a rescued animal in a new loving home?

Gone but not forgotten

Name: Rex

Owner: Craig and Andrea

After losing our previous ‘terrorist’ of a Parsons Russell, we realised we had a hole in our home and our hearts where a dog should be.

After looking round a bit, we ended up coming to Foal Farm, where we said we missed having a dog we could stroke. Whilst we weren’t particular about the breed, we were more concerned with temperament. Having never had any dealing with the breed, we were therefore surprised to be introduced to an 8 year old Staffie called Rex.

After a good initial meeting followed by a worrying drive home. Rex immediately made himself comfortable running straight to our front door and finding his place on the sofa, where he demanded snuggles for the two and a half wonderful love filled years we had the pleasure to have him in our lives. He would certainly let us know if he noticed a hand that was not stroking him!

Although we only had him for  the last quarter of his life, he gave us so much love and we packed so much into this time, it felt as though we had known him for a lot longer, until we sadly lost him due to the recurrence of his Cancer.

We miss you so much Rexy Big Boy ‘Bishop Henry’ (Bishop – as in Stinking Bishop as sometimes he could smell a bit ripe and cheesy, Henry – as in Henry Hoover, for obvious reasons!)

Name: Joe Whitejoe

Owner: Mandie Ellis

Tribute: Joe White, my brave little boy. He made such a difference to our lives and totally touched our hearts. We took him on from my sister who emigrated to OZ when he was 3 and diagnosed with GME, he was given 6 months to live. 6 years on he was still with us, a true little fighter. We wasn’t suppose to love you this much Joe but how could we not, such a character, his own personality which brought us so many smiles. Miss your cuddles, your greediness ;), our walks in the woods but most of all we just miss you. Love you always Joe White xxxxx

brackenName: Bracken

Owner: Audrey Hills

Tribute: BRACKEN 8th July 1985 – 7th June 1994 Why should a dog so loved, be taken from Us so – cruelly He was the light of our lives – Better loved Was no dog – surely Our hearts have been ripped open, yet again And we wonder – why ? Our tears have fallen in torrents, as we Cry and cry He was our second pet, and our last, we say, how can we Suffer like this again – another day ! The memories he has left behind Will always with us be – His lovely eyes, white teeth and face – A pleasure for all to see Goodbye, our darling Bracken, your Mum and Dad Loved you to the end A part of us died with you, our dearest darling friend No more kisses, no more hugs As you have let us go – I wish I had stayed at hoe last week, But how was I to know ? God had other plans for you – To take you to His House Have a lovely life there- And wait for us to come. Bracken was a black and tan, long haired miniature dacshshund.

mitziName: Mitzi

Owner: Audrey Hills

Tribute: MITZI She was our beloved Mitzi, our Daughter, our child – She was one of us, intelligent, almost With a mortals mind – We always knew the day would come – When we would have to say goodbye. But we never knew how much that break Would make us cry and cry – The void that she has left behind – Will never be filled She had her time, it was in the plan That our Dear Lord has willed Tis a path we all must walk, whether Dog or man – That’s the way it has always been, Ever since time began We have so many memories of Mitzi, our Beloved friend Our lives were wrapped around her Right up to the end Later, we shall laugh again about the Times gone past – But now our hearts are breaking as her life Ebbs from our grasp 19th September 1971 – 13th July 1985.

teddyName: Teddy

Owner: Audrey Hills

Tribute: OUR EPITAPH TO TEDDY – OUR RAGS TO RICHES FRIEND 1st APRIL 1994 – 30th AUGUST 2008 BLACK MINIATURE DACHSHUND So quiet it was in the way he left us It gave us no time to realise As he fell from our grasp into the hands of Professionals That it was to be – His Last Goodbye He was ours for only six lovely years And it was a rags to riches affair But from the time Teddy crossed our path He had a world beyond compare Neglected he was, for nine long years No comfort, love or tasty food He ate whatever was thrown down to him With not even a bowl to hold anything good A collar permanently around his neck Chewing his fur into tangles and balls No garden to run in and smell the grass He sat at a closed gate to see who would pass We always knew him as his owner was our friend Regular visitor to our house he was Always we hoped and prayed, that in the end The day would come when he was ours The day arrived when his owner died When no one else would take him We accepted him with our open arms And the rest of his life, was of our making Washed, dried, brushed and feted Teddy revelled in his new home He joined his brother Bracken in his bed And settled in as if he had always been – Our Ted He barked a lot as in the past It was the only way he got attention With us though, there was no need of that As we were here for his every expectation At night he lay between us, at the bottom of the bed Sighing deeply in his blanket, dreaming away What thoughts would go through Teddy’s mind Ah! Maybe of the unhappy life he had left behind Soon his coat shone, his eyes gleamed, his tail wagged As at last he had a life worth living What pleasure and love he gave to us He was our Teddy now -we did all the giving So now Ted has gone, and the pain has eased But memories of him still abound We gave him the best years of his life We wish – how we wish he was still around Readers, I say to you at the end That should a chance arrive To give a home to some poor pet You will always have a loyal friend All dog lovers will understand The pain we eventually get But it’s worth it all, even at the endTo have shared your life with a pet.

Name: Millie

Owner: Ricky Field

Tribute: I rescued my little Millie from RSPCA Leybourne in May 2002. She was a wonderful little dog so active & full of life. She had a wonderful life with us right up to the end. We had been away to Dorset for the weekend with her & our other dog & she had had a really super time with long walks by the sea & chasing rabbits in the fields.We didn’t know anything was wrong with her but unfortunately she passed away on Monday 20th September with internal bleeding due to a tumour on her spleen. R.I.P. Millie we will miss you so much.

monaName: Mona

Owner: Sarah Block

Tribute: I first saw Mona at Foal Farm on a cold February day in 2005. I fell in love with her instantly. She was so affectionate and loved kisses and cuddles, purring loudly. I remember thinking what a pretty lady and this affectionate term stuck with her. Mona enjoyed sleeping, chasing mice and eating treats. She continued to love kisses and cuddles and enjoyed nuzzling up to my face. Mona sadly developed a tumour in her stomach. The vet had suggested a steroid injection and her health improved, but this was only temporary and three weeks later I took the very difficult decision to end her suffering. On Tuesday 7th September 2010 I told my lady how much I loved her for the last time and I shall miss her very much. Along with my other cat, Sober we were a team and now we are a man down. As sad as I am now, I have enjoyed every day with her and have so many fond memories. Thank you to Foal Farm. I shall be forever thankful for the day I met my beautiful little girl, Mona.

zeusName: Zeus

Owner: Claire Greasley

Tribute: zeus was the prettiest dog i have ever seen/met, my mum and dad had him 2years before he was born, they got him from batersy dogs home, we gave him such a good life, he passed away at the age of 16, on friday 27th august 2010. I’m thirteen, he used to look out for me when i was a baby, he was my bestfriend, no one / or no other dog could or will ever replace him xxx no matter how old he got, he always looked pretty, when he got ill, it was very sad for me… cause i knew the amazing life he’s had was coming to an end

harryName: Harry

Owner: Lynne Wainwright

Tribute: Harry came to live with us in August 2008, as an 18yr old who had been abandoned by his previous owners. He had severe hyperthyroidism which we soon sorted with medications. Harry very quickly settled in at home with all my other animals and became mummy’s baby . Everyone who met Harry adored him. Aside from an issue with bad teeth Harry was fit and happy until the last few months when he started to go slowly senile. Over the last week he went physically down hill and stopped eating and drinking, becoming dehydrated. An overnight stay at the vet on IV fluids did not help, I had some last cuddles when Harry even managed a little purr and took the horrendous decision that the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep. Despite only living with us for 2 years Harry has left a huge gap and I miss him and his Harry Huggles (as one of my vets termed his cuddles) desperately. RIP Harry my baby boy xxx

Name: Toffee (aka Belly Button)

Owner: Sally Edwards

Tribute: It is with enormous regret to tell you that Toffee passed away on the 24th July 2010 having been struck by a car. We collected Toffee (then known as Belly Button) from Foal Farm on 6th March 2006 and she quickly became a huge part of our family. Toffee was a truly beautiful cat, with many endearing traits. Toffee loved charging around the garden after balls (like a dog!) and would tap you with her paw if we stopped stroking her, even just for a second! It’s very hard coming to terms with the sudden, tragic and untimely loss of our little fluffy family member who we thought would be a part of us for many years to come. Sleep tight Big Girl. Love you always. X

teddy2Name: Teddy

Owner: Foal Farm

Tribute: It is with regret to announce the sad loss and final goodbye of the beloved Teddy, who passed away on the 22nd June 2010, after a short illness, to cancer. Teddy came to live here on the 28th September 2002, aged 6, after he was a victim of a road traffic accident, and he had to have his tail amputated which left him without complete bladder control. This made life for his owner rather difficult, as they lived in a flat, and we were privileged and thankful that we could accommodate and look after him here. Who would of believed that this fabulous cat would have made such an impact on all the staff, volunteers, visitors and of course his sponsors, and became such a popular character. He would greet everyone with a hello and would take every opportunity to climb on shoulders for a love and a purr in the ear, especially if you were in the staff room, or sitting, having a cup of tea and a piece of cake in the tea room area! He loved the sunshine, and would go anywhere around the farm to show his presence and to anyone willing to give him some fuss. He certainly was blessed with the perfect name; he was just like a Teddy bear. Teddy also played a vital role in FIB, because of his calm and friendly personality; he was our main cat testers. The past year or so he did suffer with his incontinence and also on occasions suffered with constipation, but with the care from the staff and our superb vets, he lived a happy life here. Sadly in May 2010, a lump appeared on his front left foot which at first was thought to be a very bad infection, but within a week or so, two other similar lumps appeared, and after the bi-opsy results confirmed our worse fears that they were malignant tumors. Teddy peacefully passed away on Tuesday afternoon of the 22nd June 2010. He will be very missed by as all and will always be fondly remembered. His ashes are with us at Foal and we will shortly be arranging his final resting place here. R.I.P Teddy XX

Name: Koshka (re-named Kizzy)

Owner: Kelly German

Tribute: It is with great sadness that I had to have Koshka (re-named Kizzy) put to sleep on Thursday 15th July 2010. She had developed hyperthyroidism back in 2009 and last week had just become very lethargic, not interested in her food and a cough. A trip to the vet soon established she had an enlarged heart and fluid on her lungs. At a ripe old age of 19 I couldn’t put her through loads of tests. She chose me in October 2006 and even though she was the grumpiest cat I’ve ever owned, over the years we developed such a bond. In her later years she’d learnt to sit on you to give you kisses and for the occasional dribble on your dressing gown but would soon tell you when she was finished with the love for the day! She is missed terribly and has left a big gap in my life.

dizzyName: Dizzy

Owner: Kerry Brady

Tribute: I had the heartbreaking decision to have my little cat, Dizzy, put to sleep on Saturday. I adopted her from Foal Farm in 2002, when I was looking for a flat cat and we happened to be perfect for each other. Sadly, she was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2007 and was on special renal tablets and renal pouch food for the remainder of her life. I made the decision to let her live with my father who is retired and my sister, so that she could have 24 hour care and company. My sister treated her like a little princess which was perfect for Dizzy. The vets were always amazed at how she had lived so long with the problems she had. Sadly, two weeks ago her health started to decline even more due to the kidneys, and although we were told she could have fluids pumped into her, she wouldn’t have had much hope of seeing out the month. My sister and I stayed with her while she was put to sleep, as hard as it was, but we couldn’t leave her. We said our goodbyes and told her she’d be pain free very soon. She’ll be so missed by myself and my family. Thank you to Foal Farm for giving us 8 years together. I attach a photo of Diz in her better years. I think you’ll agree she was the most beautiful cat!

thomasName: Thomas

Owner: Lynne

Tribute: We fostered 19yr old Thomas just before christmas 2009 and soon after our vet found a large abdominal mass. We were told he probably had weeks but they turned into months until last week he grafually started fading away and eventually could not stand-still purred though. We decided that it was unfair to make him suffer more. Despite only having him for 6mths his death has left a huge hole-he was such a character!!

tessaName: Tessa

Owner: Simon and Jenny Bettridge

Tribute: In August of 2004 we had taken the decision, having recently moved into our new house in a leafy area of Kent, to look for a new addition to our family � a nice small puppy. We looked around several rescue centres not finding any suitable dogs, until we arrived a Foal. Jenny immediately fell in love with a seven year old huge mastiff cross called Tessa despite being everything that we weren’t looking for, it was love at first sight. It is often said that a pet chooses their owner and this was definitely the case with Tessa. She had been at Foal for over a year, loved by all of the volunteers and staff, but because she was deemed as not being suited to a home with other pets or children was still awaiting her new home. We went through a process of visiting Foal to get acquainted with her and to make sure that we were all happy. We fell in love with her straight away, and seemingly her with us. When it came to taking her home on a hot 14th August 2004 we couldn’t have been more excited and we found out on the ride home that neither could Tessa. She covered the two of us and the car in fur and slobber! We were both covered in kisses all the way home! Over the last six years Tessa has become such an integral part of our lives – not a pet, but our friend. The happiest, silliest and soppiest, most lovable dog we have ever known. Unfortunately today (1st June 2010) we had to take the heart-breaking decision to put her to sleep as she had an inoperable cancerous growth and it had started to affect her life. This is the most difficult decision either of us has ever had to make, and although we know it is the right one and best for Tessa we are devastated and miss her terribly. Rest in peace Tess, our baby, we love you to pieces always. Simon & Jen. XX