Kennel Appeal

Published: 30 June 2021

Our main kennels are in desperate need of a complete rebuild.

The kennel block is tired and rusty and after having repair after repair it has finally been decided that we need to give the kennels a complete overhaul!

The new project plans also allow for a much better set up for the dogs. They will no longer have other dogs opposite them, which as you can imagine causes added stress and barking. We will add two new indoor training and assessment rooms which will allow for more rehabilitation to take place. The training rooms will also be used for introductions to adopters, allowing more open interaction with the dogs.

The current heating system does not run efficiently and we have plans for a whole new system which will keep the dogs nice and warm when cold and cooler when the hot weather hits!

The original kennel fund has some funds in it and they will be used as agreed but we still need so much more.

All we really want is to make kennel life as comfortable and as stress free as is possible for the dogs. They deserve the best we can give them until they find their forever home.

If you can help with this mammoth project we would be very grateful, as would our dogs.

Thank you.

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