We are open everyday between 1:30pm - 4:30pm except for Tuesdays when we are Closed. We will be closed from Sunday 22nd December and will re open on Saturday 4th January.

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Breed: Duck - Northern Pintail Age: years Sex:
Molly came to Foal Farm in 2013 at around 1 year old, with a life expectancy of over 22 years. Our sweet little Molly is still just a youngster. Despite having a male duck of similar size, handsome Clive, Molly prefers to spend her time independently roaming, dibbling and swimming on the pond. She is also the last to go to bed EVERY night! Molly has a particularly harrowing story to tell. As a youngster she was ‘pinioned’, a barbaric act of cutting off part of a birds wing to prevent them flying. This would be similar to someone chopping off your arm! Although Molly has physically recovered from the trauma, she is a particularly nervous bird, as you would expect. If you get too close to her she may panic and because she is so unbalanced she can flip over on the spot, which can be distressing for both her and us. Molly is very loved and cherished here at Foal Farm!