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Blossom & Bertie

Blossom & Bertie
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Blossom and Bertie are in sanctuary here at FOAL because of their poor start in life causing so many health issues for our darling Blossom. When she came to FOAL our vet said she needed her tear ducts flushed because they were so sore, unbelievably during the treatment her back teeth fell out! She has now had most of her molars removed and so we have to be very careful with what she eats because she can’t chew like a rabbit should. Constant teeth problems for a rabbit also means constant eye problems too, along with a special diet, daily eye drops and regular visits to the vet Blossoms health issues continue to cost FOAL a lot of money, but we will never give up on her! Anyone who chooses to sponsor Blossom and Bertie means a great deal to us, despite rabbits being the 3rd most popular, they are also the most neglected and so often overlooked. Would you help us care for them?