Become a part of the Foal Farm family

Be a part of something special and support the hundreds of animals that come through our gates each year.

As a Foal Farm Member, your contributions will work to restore the health and happiness of all the animals that we rescue.

At any given time we provide sanctuary to more than 100 farm animals, equines and birds, and also house up to 30 dogs, 40+ cats and 30+ small animals who are in rehabilitation or seeking a new home.

Many of these animals arrive in poor condition, are elderly, have chronic conditions or otherwise require special care, and your membership fees help nurse them back to health, so that we can change the lives of every animal in our care for the better!

As a Member of Foal Farm you’ll receive:

  • A unique in-depth guided tour of the animals to explain the work we do at Foal Farm
  • News and updates from the farm by email
  • Voucher for tea or coffee and a piece of cake in our tea room
  • The opportunity to vote at our AGM if you are 16 or over

We have four membership options:

  • Family – £30.00 a year or £3 per month
  • Adult    – £20.00 a year or £2 per month
  • Over 60 – £15.00 a year or £2 per month
  • Corporate – £50 per year or £5 per month


To become a Member, please complete the form below and make the relevant payment. For any queries regarding Membership, please contact Sylvia at

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