Mud Control for our Goats

Published: 3 June 2021

One of our biggest projects last year was to provide hard standing for the sheep in the winter by using mud control slabs.  This proved to be a huge success, and we have not had any issues with foot rot amongst our sheep over the winter.  We now want to provide the same for our lovely goats, so that they are also protected in the winter months.  Mud control slabs are expensive, but very hardwearing – so are definitely the best option.  They allow the grass to grow through, but prevent slipping as it stops the mud.

In addition to this, our goat house is run down and needs replacing – so this project is a complete makeover for our goat area.

We need to install the slabs by the autumn, so if you can help at all we would be incredibly grateful – and so would the goats!

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