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Mud Control for our Goats

One of our biggest projects last year was to provide hard standing for the sheep in the winter by using mud control slabs.  This proved to be a huge success, and we have not had any issues with foot rot amongst our sheep over the winter.  We now want to provide the same for our... View ArticleRead more

Pond Appeal

Our pond area is in serious need of a re-vamp! For those of you who have visited, you will know that we have our pond area in two sections due to ‘in duck’ fighting! This means that only one section gets to use the main pond. We have always had a small plastic pond with... View ArticleRead more

Bunny Park Appeal

Those of you who have visited us, most likely will have been into our Bunny Park to visit our rabbits. We are proud of our Bunny Park as it allows the rabbits a 24 hour space to play in and we can let them out on to the grass daily. However, the roof needs to... View ArticleRead more