Rehomed Animal updates

Find out how some of our rehomed animals are doing in their new homes!

We love to hear how our adopted animals are settling in to their new homes and know that you do too!  If you have adopted an animal from us – please send us your updates to

Bindie and Dixie

Hello to all our friends at Foal Farm.

Bindie is just full of fun and mischief now and likes nothing better than rolling in mud or something more disgusting on our walks. In the evening she likes to chase the foxes out of the garden and pinch things so that we have to play catch me if you can. Shoes and tea towels are her favourite things to run off with.

Dixie likes to be carried upstairs to bed early and get up early whereas Bindie loves late night and don’t wake her up early- she likes her breakfast taken up to her in bed and then catches up on a bit more sleep before we go walkies.

They both love visitors and talk to everyone on our walks so they have lots of four legged and two legged friends now.

I couldn’t ask for two more lovely companions I am so lucky.

Thank you for all your hard work in looking after all these wonderful animals – you are all such special people.

Dixie, Bindie and Maureen



Just a little update about our little man; he’s now got his very own cat proof garden and is still as loveable as ever and we love him even more.

He’s a cheeky chap with a huuuuge playful side which gets quite crazy at times, always pleased to see us and a real pleasure. We feel so lucky to have him in our lives.


I just wanted to drop you an update about how Teddy is getting on now he has just turned 1.

He is an absolute blessing and has helped us through some tough times even though he has only been here for almost 5 months. He has passed Puppy training and has learnt some great manners but most of all he has settled in perfectly. Most impressive is his recall as we can now have him off leash when on the rec and chasing balls which he adores!!!

Teddy is an absolute sweetheart who everyone adores and he loves all of us equally and seems in no bother to run away, to the point now where he helps take out the rubbish. He is still a little vocal at times in the garden but we are working on that.

We want to thank you for letting us bring Teddy home and I have attached some of his most recent pictures. We hope to see you at your summer fayre and hope to show off more of his best behaviour.

Thanks Natalie, Neil and Teddy.

Thor and Natasha

Just a quick update to let you know they are both settling in well. They are both eating and Thor especially will come over to me, they both ventured outside today and are enjoying time in the sunshine.



Just to let you know that Leo is settling in really well. He is eating (and sleeping) well and has had his first supervised adventure in the garden which he enjoyed.

He has been exploring the house and enjoying lots of fuss from us – thoroughly spoilt.

We are learning more about him every day as I am sure he is with us but he is certainly a lovely addition to our family and appears to be happy.

I have attached some pictures of our handsome boy.

Many thanks for helping us find him.


Just thought I would sent you a few photos of Charlie enjoying the recent sunny days in our garden. He is doing really well, loving his long walks, life in general and being spoilt rotten. Hard to imagine our life without him now especially with the Covid pandemic, he has helped keep us going and we love him to bits.

Hugh & Jurga (& Charlie)