Rehomed Animal updates

Find out how some of our rehomed animals are doing in their new homes!

We love to hear how our adopted animals are settling in to their new homes and know that you do too!  If you have adopted an animal from us – please send us your updates to


Just wanted to give you an update on Hamilton- can’t believe we have had him 4 weeks, it’s gone so quickly!

We have renamed him Harry, as Hamilton was quite a mouthful!

He has settled in well and taught us his routine:

Breakfast at 7:30 sharp followed by a cuddle, play session, a brush and then a wander in the garden. Then he goes off to his bedroom to snooze until 1pm when he comes down for some food and another play session! Then it’s back to his bedroom for a nap until about 4- when he comes down for a cuddle on the sofa, play session and general cat duties until dinner at 7pm. After that it’s another play session before a relax on the sofa!

He has biscuits available all day but clearly prefers his wet food and will vocally tell us how starving he is, even if he hasn’t long eaten!

He loves playing and is currently like a spoilt little child with a box full of toys- his favourites are a soft ball, feathers on a string and catnip balls!

Thank you again for giving us the pleasure of being able to offer him a home!


A little update on April bunny!

I just wanted to give you an update on April. Her new name is Matilda but we call her Tilly for short. She’s still in a separate hutch to our other rabbit overnight. As I’m on Furlough, so home all day, Tilly and George spend the day time on the lawn and then come indoors to spend the evening with us before their bedtime. Tilly has her own run on the lawn. On Sunday we introduced them officially and George ran over and started grooming her. Tilly has now started grooming George in the evenings when we have them indoors. They eat together, sit together and nap together. It’s such a relief because when they first met through the bars of the cage there was a bit of aggression from both of them. She seems to have fallen in love with George now! She’s been binking around the garden, napping in the sun and having lots of fuss from us. Her extended family love her and she’s already had three visitors. George lost his partner last month and it is so lovely to see him happy again. We miss Suki terribly but Tilly has become a member of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her.


Thought I’d give you a quick update about Snowy who we have now renamed Bertie. He is settling in well and he and Binkie are now fully bonded. He’s quite brave exploring the house and the garden but it still getting used to us brushing him!


Lillie seems to have settled in really well and is loving having company at home all day the moment. Her personality has really been coming out and she’s funny, sweet, chatty, cuddly, and an absolute joy to have as part of our family.

We have been easing her into spending more time alone and have built it up to a few hours. It’s always heart breaking leaving her at home. She seems to be fine whilst we are out, but naturally is always excited to see us when we get home. We haven’t been greeting her until we have come in, taken our jackets off, and are ready to do so, as you suggested.

She’s been slowly getting better with dogs. She wants to go and see other dogs, but seems a little unsure what to do when she does, but we’ve been helping her build her confidence to say hello and she’s been getting better at walking away once she’s had her little sniff and hello. She’s even got a few neighbourhood dogs that she likes to go say hello to, and then maybe have a little play with. She hasn’t been reactive with dogs even if they bark which is great, but she does sometimes still pull on the lead and want to go see another dog, though it happens less frequently and less strongly than initially.

Shortly after bringing Lillie home we found out that there are some dog exercising areas right around the corner so we’ve been going there pretty much on a weekly basis and she loves it. She gets her own pen and she can run around, play with some sticks and some balls, and exhaust herself. She’s so full of energy and the only way you would guess she’s 10 is that she sleeps the rest of the day after playing in the park or going for a long walk.

She also loves to help us break down our cardboard boxes for recycling.

We’ve taken her to the vet a couple of times, once for a general check-up and to have her paw looked at (she seemed to have some dermatitis early on which has since cleared up), and to check a lump on her chest which after a non-invasive test they declared was benign. They absolutely love her at the vet and she’s always very calm despite other dogs often being in the waiting room. She loves her food and has put on a little bit of weight and is now the ideal weight according to the vets.

She is loved and adored by everyone that meets her, and she is happy to return the affection.


Lightning came in during lockdown under very sad circumstances for his family, they loved him desperately but circumstances left them no choice. Lightning remained here for about a month before finding his new home where he is loving life. His original family can be assured he is safe and well-loved and they did the right thing and I hope one day their circumstances allow them to share their love with another rescue dog.

This is what Lightning’s new owner had to say:

“Lightning is extremely happy, he’s settled so well, we are attending training sessions twice a month just to work on his excitement with new people, but he’s a dream! Can’t remember life without him haha!”


A bit of a progress report on Marble. He’s still a very nervous cat (seems especially so with male humans!) but he’s really bonded with Maria who he adores.

As the weeks have gone by he uses his bolt hole behind the sofa less, so he’s making progress.

Strangely despite his past outdoor life he’s extremely wary of going outside, and the slightest thing spooks him & makes him run back inside. Even when he’s walking around he’s continuously checking his path back inside & that the door is still open.

Obviously he’s got all the time in the world to continue his progress and he’s already much loved and spoiled here. He’s scatty as anything but very adorable!