Rehomed Animal updates

Find out how some of our rehomed animals are doing in their new homes!

We love to hear how our adopted animals are settling in to their new homes and know that you do too!  If you have adopted an animal from us – please send us your updates to



Finally I think we have a happy ending for Pipkin.

He is a very lovely bun with an incredible personality and energy.

Now he has been bonded with Snowball, they are slowly getting to snuggle/sleep and play together, but I can see a change in Snowball being quiet after losing Thunder to be a little more active and back to exploring her surroundings.  And Pipkin has settled quite well, he loves to play and run around like crazy.

Many thanks again for bringing Pipkin to the family!



Just thought I would send a quick update on Archie who came to live with us in March.

He has really settled well. Enjoys being home both sleeping on the sofa and exploring the garden. Also he has got used to coming to work daily and enjoys the fuss from all the students and is quite happy to wander into the changing rooms to get it!  He has also started to walk (something he did not do very often when we picked him up)

Buddy (was Bart)

I just thought I’d send you an update on how our cheeky Buddy (was Bart) is getting on.
After his antics in the first few weeks of adopting him in June, he seems to be settling down and getting into the habit of being a “house cat”. He is learning the rules of the house now, i.e. not to jump on the table at our dinner time, and he now patiently waits for a scrap or two!! Also he is settling into his place in the family. 100% knowing that our 17 year old female Storm is not to be messed with!!
Apart from still being a very greedy boy and bringing us a lot of mice,(alive) he has settled in well, and is generally a good boy and so far, no more disappearing tricks…



Just to let you know, Rascal is settling in well! He’s a sweet little chap, him and Monty seem to be getting on well, they both go up to the bars regularly and take an interest in each other! He’s loving his food and the snuggly hides.

Choccy and Dottie

Just a quick update for you. We’ve made a few adjustments and additions to their house since we’ve had them here. Their run has now been paved over, as they were digging holes constantly and we’ve added a digging box, which they have great fun in. We’ve also added an additional pen on the grass which is connected to their run by tunnels. So now they get supervised access to fresh grass every day!

Both the girls are very social and run over to their door as soon as we go in the garden. They love their veggies and they’re climbing our legs trying to get to the food. Both are very friendly with us all, but do have very different personalities. Dottie is always on the go. She rarely stays still, whereas Choccy come over for a stroke and will lay for ages. I’ve even managed to have her on my lap stroking her.