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Our Rescued Dogs in their new homes

Do you think that every dog has a problem?  Is that the reason they’re in rescue? Think again!  At Foal Farm, we assess all our dogs before placing them up for adoption and hope that we are able to match every dog to a prospective adopter.

Here are some of their stories.


Edie – dumped by previous owner

We had the pleasure of adopting Edie a year ago now and she almost 2 now. Please see some wonderful pictures of a few adventures Edie has had. Including celebrating her adoption day at the beach.
She now travels well and is so respective to training and loves long walks and her other foal farm friends from Alison, our best friend.

One day we will visit again but thank you for allowing us the joy of being her family.



Bramble – owner went into sheltered housing

Spent 4 years waiting for the right home due to behavioural issues.



Jupiter (now Nellie) – dumped by breeder

Jupiter was one of 8 puppies that were rescued from a ‘breeder’ after he threatened to dump them. Selling them at 5 weeks old, they were actually 3-4 weeks old and very poorly.  Team Foal spent 2 weeks sleeping in with the pups to ensure they received regular feeding and monitoring.  All 8 survived and went onto new homes.  Please do not give backyard breeders your money.  This is what they do to animals.


Beryl – dumped by breeder when of no further use

After retiring from work with poor health I knew I had to be sensible in my choice of rescue dog . My son saw Beryl on the website , a 6 year old French bulldog who’d been abandoned when she could no longer be bred from . The rest is history . Sarah was great and arranged an afternoon with my grandkids to check suitability. I visited then with my husband who was instantly besotted and still is . She had a skin condition, infected ears, was underweight, had an undercarriage that was still low from her latest litter  and a sad little “frenchie” face . People say we’ve given her so much but have no idea how much she has given us . She is kind, gentle, and very cheeky . She has learnt to play with a ball ( she didn’t have a clue what to do when we first had her. We honestly can’t imagine life without her ! She is now back in full health . Maybe a little overweight ! But an integral part of an extended family who love her to bits !! Thank you so much foal farm .



Jerry – dumped by owner

We have a new name for him. Sidney. He is settling in great. He has been to the park and has 3 new friends. Barney, Maisie and Ruby. They all get on great. Everyone is so jealous. They all want him.

 Ingrid and Ryan.



Izzy – owner unable to cope with dietary requirements

awaiting story



Eddie – dumped by owner at groomers due to liver shunt

As you can see from the first photograph, taken moments after he arrived, he was extremely poorly and rushed straight to our vets that immediately put him on fluids and found that he had a very low temperature.

Our vet suspected liver shunt and bladder stone and he also had retained testicles, one of which is believed to be in his abdomen.

Eddie spent the weekend after arriving at Foal at a specialist care unit so he could receive 24 hour care.

Eddie returned to Foal Farm on a special urinary diet and began to improve. He had a relapse so had to have emergency treatment. Eddie, again, pulled through and, made an excellent recovery. A fortnight later, we received a wonderful enquiry about him from Varun and Charlotte and the rest, as they say, is history and he is happily rehomed with them and their dog Murphy.

Varun and Charlotte are very special adopters – both very aware that Eddie needed further investigation to determine whether an operation could be done to ‘turn off’ the artery to Eddie’s liver so he could lead a normal life. We are so pleased to say that Eddie is currently recovering from an operation at a referral specialist where a CT scan was carried out with the intention to operate immediately if this could be done. Luckily, it was only one artery that was affecting Eddie’s liver and not several as more than one cannot be ‘shut off’ and the procedure was successfully carried out.

This little dog has been through so much and pulled through every time!

If you are able to donate towards Eddie’s veterinary costs, please do donate to our Faffin Fund. His initial costs topped £1,500 and his recent, most important operation was £5,000. A huge thanks to Varun and Charlotte that have offered to pay half of this operation. We are overwhelmed with their generosity.


Stardust – dumped by breeder

Stardust was one of 8 puppies that were rescued from a ‘breeder’ after he threatened to dump them. Selling them at 5 weeks old, they were actually 3-4 weeks old and very poorly.  Team Foal spent 2 weeks sleeping in with the pups to ensure they received regular feeding and monitoring.  All 8 survived and went onto new homes.  Please do not give backyard breeders your money.  This is what they do to animals.


Just an update on Barney since end of June. Barney is settling in really well and Mum is very pleased with him. He sleeps during the day when she is out and sleeps all night when mum goes to bed. He likes going around the back garden to play with his toys and balls and Mum goes around there with him to play as well. I have started taking him out for walks when I visit which he enjoys, so much that as soon as I arrive he sits and stares at me and then barks if I don’t respond straight away.

All in all a good start for him and Mum.

Kai – owner illness

Hi, please find attached photos of Kai in his permanent home. Kai was adopted last year from Foal Farm and he has settled in well. The first photo shows him in his favourite room, the conservatory where he likes to keep watch over the garden and the other shows him with his favourite toy.

Jasmine (now Minnie) – dumped by owner

We just wanted to email and update you on how well Jasmine “ now named Minnie” is doing since we rescued her in early February this year. I have added some photos of when we got her and now. She is certainly a lively and cheeky lady but has really settled over the last few months with us, our home and families. She loves clicker training and we have learnt lots of fun tricks together she is just fab! We wish we could have come this weekend to the show but unfortunately are not available, but hopefully next year!  

When we got her she had bald ears and almost bald tail…

Sunny – multiple dog household (too many dogs)

Just thought I’d send you an update on sunny, we are currently on our first family holiday at a cottage in Suffolk , sunny is still doing amazing and is getting better everyday with meeting new dogs and people , she loves going for walks and meeting and playing with other dogs , she had a play date with two Hungarian vizslas and was off lead in the garden running round and playing for a good few hours or attached some new pictures


Molly Gemma and Sunny

Tommy – owner moving

Heard about that one with the owner moving and cannot take the dog?  What Tommy’s original owners failed to admit was that Tommy severely resource guarded but with training and working with Tommy’s new adopter, he is progressing well.

Josh – of no further use to the Greyhound racing industry

I just wanted to let you know that I did a follow up visit, deep in the Kent countryside yesterday, for the very gorgeous Greyhound Josh. Josh is the White family’s first ever greyhound after years of labradors and collies on a busy working farm. This boy has definitely fallen on all four paws, and the family are truly smitten. Louise, Josh’s mum wanted to thank Cherie for matching the perfect greyhound for them, it is certainly a match made in heaven! So thank you to all the dog team, another successful homing, with the special thanks to Cherie for getting it so right.

Thanks again, Lyn

Sydney (Daisy) – unable to cope

We adopted little Sydney (formally named Daisy) when she was just 4 months old. We are her 5th home, apparently she was uncontrollable. Sydney has just turned 2 years old now and is a great dog. So great that she is now trained as a therapy dog with PATS. This once unwanted little dog will now change thousands of peoples lives thanks to the staff at Foal Farm. Sydney will also run the muddy dog challenge this year, 3 miles, mud pits, agility courses, ponds. She is a gem. Thank you sincerely for all that you do, and for bringing this little dog into our lives.

Kinds regards,

Emily, Sydney and Steve

Dolly – landlord would not allow (also had severe behavioural problems)

We re homed Dolly on 7/9 and thought we would update you on how she is getting on.

She is fantastic and we all love her she has settled so well it’s like she has been here forever, she sleeps well of a night ( we don’t shut the door on her crate), she loves a snooze in the sun, a cuddle on a beanbag and really loves a tennis ball. We are able to take her off the lead and she comes back every time and has already attended her first park run with us.

Thank you everyone for a fantastic job in training her and letting us take her home.

Kind regards

Linda and Paul

Scooby (was Bruno) – no time for

I just wanted to say “hi” just so as you don’t forget me.

I have settled in nicely at the ###’s. Had my first holiday in June to Cornwall which was amazing, dug for hours in the sand, so much so my mum made me my very own sandpit I had my first experience on the train and tube in London yesterday and went running around Hampstead Heath park for hours with other pooches.

I simply LOVE playing with every dog I come across, even if I do wind them up with my playful banter at times.

Anyway, love to all and keep up the good work as you are proof there is a happy ever after.

Speedy – cannot cope


Hello Foal Farm Dogs   

I don’t want to be one of those people emailing you all the time, but I just have to say the biggest thank you ever for pushing us in the direction of Speedy and bringing him into our lives. I cannot express enough quite how much we are in love with him. We have a session arranged with Alexis on Saturday for some training but for the last 2 walks he has not pulled on the lead AT ALL, without any help from the halty collar, which he immediately pushed off his nose. He has grown in love and respect for us already, and that only fear we had about taking him home and that lead pulling has already gone away. He truly is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to us both and my heart is so full of love. 

He is so happy in our home and I can tell already loves us back, giving us so much affection and playtime. He even let me brush him last night which he previously grumbled at, and he does not let me leave his sight, even on his walks. We have a special doggy cam to watch him on when we are out of the house, and because we are suckers we let him lounge on the sofa all day. 

We can hardly imagine a life when we didn’t have his happy self in our home. I can’t thank you all enough or express our gratitude for the hard work you do there, and if I am ever in a position to give my time or more regular money to foal farm you will be my priority.

We probably would have overlooked 7 year old big boy Speedy at first glance, and we couldn’t have been more wrong, I honestly get emotional just thinking about it. We would be heart-broken if we had to give him back now. 

So huge thank you once again! Here’s a few photos of Speedy loving his new life!

 Grainne, Luke and Speedy 

Stella – dumped by owner pregnant

Awaiting story

Harry – returned by adopter for ‘snarling at her face’


Just an update on Harry.

His ears are now ok and he is a very loving affectionate dog,

Likes his walks and runs in local recreation ground and gardens here which have now had the fox holes in the fence repaired. 

He is eating well and likes to play.

I’m glad it was Harry I chose but wish for all the others to find homes,

Regards for now and some photos attached.