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Poems & Stories

We love to hear from our supporters and if you have any stories to tell or any poems to share with your fellow animal lovers please email them to and we will add them to the web site.

A Tribute to Felix

felixSadly Felix Jagger passed away in April 2012. I originally adopted Felix with his brother Tommy when my first cat Marmi passed away. Felix and Tommy had been at Foal Farm for some time as they were elderly cats. They had appeared in the Cash in the Attic show filmed there. When Tommy died I adopted Tibbs who misses Felix terribly. I now have Hector too but Felix will never be forgotten. He was one in a million, had so many unique characteristics. He was on facebook and had so many friends who miss him terribly. Love you forever my Ginger Prince xx

Sent by: Tracy Jagger

Treasure each moment

Treasure each moment, don`t be cross when you find one glove and the other`s lost when the face gazing up at you seems to say Now where did i put that yesterday? Don`t be cross when the day is done and he wants to play and have some fun when he finds his ball and as a treat lays it before your aching feet. Don`t be cross when it`s pouring with rain and he wants to go out in the garden again when the muddy paws leave an endless track from the front hall door to the kitchen mat. Don`t be cross when your favourite shrub spends most of the time outside its tub when the lawn resembles a putting green full of more holes than you`ve ever seen. Treasure each moment, make them last for the time will come when they`re over and passed when the soft brown eyes are laid to rest remember he tries to do his best. Treasure each moment deep in your heart for when the time comes and you have to part you will know for certain that comes what may you wouldn`t have changed a single day. Be grateful and happy for all you`ve shared content that he knew you really cared treasure each moment and all that`s gone then repeat it again with another one!

Sent by: Emma Harrington

Doggie Poems

terrierWhat matters the most to me- about a dog I like to chew, I like to bite I like to play, I like to smell I like to bark, I like to growl I like to have fun, I like to have a good time I like to eat, I like to drink I like to smile, I like to go wild But most of all, I like to be loved, not hurt or un-cared for Just be with the one person who loves me and I love them. The BEST Gift Ever In the summer, last year we got a very special gift, I love her, Thank you I shouted aloud My mum and dad where so proud I kissed and kissed her, her small little body she’s the best, the best in the west Sadly we couldn’t keep her, we thought it would be unfair, I love you, your the best gift ever In Memory of Skye Woodham – West Highland Terrier Puppy

Sent by: Kerry Woodham Aged 11