Pond Appeal

Published: 3 June 2021

Our pond area is in serious need of a re-vamp!

For those of you who have visited, you will know that we have our pond area in two sections due to ‘in duck’ fighting!

This means that only one section gets to use the main pond.

We have always had a small plastic pond with a ramp going up to it for Clive, our small duck in the other section. Lately Clive is struggling with the ramp and so we would like to install a small pond in this section for him.

Also, the pond area shrubs and reeds have disappeared over the years, and we need to do some serious planting! The plants allow the birds to forage and keep themselves busy and the pond plants allow for oxygenation.

So, with all this in mind we are running a small appeal to make the pond a more appealing place for the birds and of course to make little Clive happy.

Anything you can give will be gratefully received and put to good use.

Thank you!

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