We are happy to announce that the farm and onsite shops will be reopening on Wednesday 14th April 1:30-4:30pm

Please see our latest news for more information.


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Radnor House School ran a poetry competition and these are the 4 winners!!

The Funny Bunny in the Meadow


As the hare hopped high into the cloud,

Suddenly he came back to the ground,

He ate the grass that laid in the meadow,

Below the birds flew down to say hello,


As his ears stuck up very high in the sky,

Every part of him was cute

Including his big round puppy dog eyes


As the sun went down

The moon emerged

The rabbit laid down his head to rest

Wishing not to be disturbed


Paddy Breese



Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I love dogs and so will you,

They cuddle and play,

And lick you all day,

And send you to sleep when you’re having a bad day,

They come when you call,

And sit when you say,

See dogs really are here to stay!


Izzy Read

Poem about Horses


H owever big, loved by all

O ur best friends

R elaxation in the paddock

S peed

E legance

S how jumpers


A round you all the time

R ewarding to own

E veryone’s friends


G alloping happily

R eady to go

E ager to please

A re you ready? Because it’s –


Ella Rees-Williams

My Pet is the Best


Talon is a Labrador

He plays with me

Cute eyes

Always smiles

I like it when he kisses me

With his tongue

He always follows me

I like that he is black

And a little bit crazy

When I take his lead

He trots very fast

I love him very much

My tally wally mutt


By Nikolai Le Roux