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Rehoming Guidelines

Rabbits – Whether you are looking to home a pair of rabbits or a single rabbit to pair with your rabbit we will always home check to ensure they have the best life they can. We have minimum requirements but would always like to see better! Our minimum requirements are that the rabbits have a 6ft hutch/house with an 8ft by 6ft run, preferably attached.

We are also happy for rabbits to live indoors as house rabbits but they will also need to have at least the same size accommodation and a run for some garden time.

Guinea pigs – Whether you are looking to home a pair of guinea pigs or a single for your current guinea pig we do have minimum requirements which would be checked by a home checker.

Guinea pigs will need a minimum 4ft cage/hutch with a run which would need to be at least 4ft by 4ft, again these are just minimums and any more that you can give them would be amazing.

All of the small animals require enrichment and toys, we encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your new family members and make sure that their lives are as wonderful as they can be.

We are always available should you need our help or have any questions once you take your new friend home.