Meet Flopsy and Willow

Flopsy came to us in July 2020 as his previous owner couldn’t manage him anymore.

It became very clear that Flopsy was not a well rabbit, he wasn’t eating and his teeth were in a terrible state being overgrown.

During his recovery he still refused to eat and therefore wasn’t pooping, this is a very dangerous situation for a rabbit to be in as they develop gut stasis, he was hospitalized again and on returning to Foal he needed to be fed by syringe.

He started to recover but then went downhill again and he then needed to have a laparotomy where it was discovered his stomach was impacted.

After all this Flopsy has made a full recovery but will always require dentals to keep his remaining teeth in check and his diet is soaked pellets due to his lack of teeth!

During all this Flopsy seemed quite sad, understandably and we decided he needed a friend….. so, along came Willow, we paired them for over 2 weeks and finally he got the lease of life he needed.

They now live happily together in our Bunny Park, and enjoy running around it when being cleaned out. Although we would happily home this lovely pair we do need a very experienced rabbit owner due to his teeth needing regular checks and he will always need close observation, he would also benefit from an indoor home with time out on the grass.