Meet Sabby

Sabby is a Newfoundland and came into the care of Foal in 2019 aged 7 years old.  She has been rehomed a few times and on each occasion was returned due to her behaviour.

What we know about Sabby is that she finds it extremely difficult to trust people and although she looks like a giant cuddly monster she is anything but.

Sabby has decided that she is comfortable at Foal farm therefore, we have accommodated our dog team office as Sabby’s forever home.  She gets regular outings and sometimes trips away with the dog team and of course the daily interaction with volunteers and her favourite people, her carers.

Sabby does have some health issues and is prone to ear and urinary tract infections all of which is addressed by our vet as and when required.

Our goal to is to give Sabby the life she craves of stability and familiarity with those she trusts therefore she will remain resident here with us for her lifetime.

Your sponsorship could help contribute to Sabby’s vet bills and although our dog food is kindly donated, Sabby is a picky eater therefore her favourite butchers tripe has to be purchased.  She also has extras in her meals such as yu-move to help with her joints and Kefir to help with her digestive system.