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Staffies – Hugs not Thugs Campaign

Some of our Staffies and Staffie crossbreeds that have been rehomed.



Buster PAT collage
I’ve been hoping to bring Buster to see you so you can see how well he’s doing but thought you’d like an email update meanwhile. Though you’ve heard this before about every animal you’ve rehomed, Buster has completely changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for letting us have him. Sadly Mum died recently but in the short time she knew him he gave her so much joy and since then he has kept me going. The nurses who helped care for Mum noticed something special about Buster too and pointed me towards Pets As Therapy. So now, eight months after he was kicked out of a car at the end of your drive, Buster has passed his assessment with flying colours and has become a ‘working’ therapy dog. We are still waiting for his ID tag etc but he has already spent two days promoting at public events, being mobbed by his fans and getting a million belly rubs in the PAT dog tent! Photos attached below! In a few weeks he will start visiting local care homes. He is an extraordinary dog. I think he had a loving family in some way before but was trained and disciplined hard in his previous life. The upshot is I get all the benefits of an extremely intelligent and obedient  dog together with the endless love of a grateful staffie who knows he’s landed in all four paws! He has two sides – his mad staffie side that carries huge branches home from the woods and his adorable human-loving staffie side. The amazing thing is he knows when to switch and he recognises those who are in need of a ‘leg lean’. Hope to bring Buster to see you soon. Heartfelt thanks and best wishes, Anita