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Why You Should Rescue

There is a common myth that all dogs in rescue centres must have behavioural problems.  This is not always the case – the majority of dogs looking for new homes are well adjusted, friendly dogs that circumstances have changed because of their owners, NOT because of the dog!

You could purchase a dog from the internet.  Please consider the implications of this. Most sellers give the reason that they are moving home or that they are at full time work and cannot give the dog the time he/she needs.  Here at Foal Farm, the Dog Team receive numerous calls from people that have bought a dog in this way that has severe behavioural problems that the seller did not admit to.  The most common problem is aggression towards either an existing dog in the home, a cat or children.  Rarely do buyers get the actual truth about the reason the dog is being sold.

Rescue centres such as Foal Farm conduct a full behavioural assessment to ascertain the best adopter/home for the dog.  No such assessment is ever carried out by an owner selling a dog on freeads.

Foal Farm also provide full rescue back up (RBU) so that if, for whatever reason, an adopter cannot keep one of our dogs, they return to us.  Purchasing from freeads gives you no such back up and, if the dog you have bought is not suitable, you are left trying to either sell the dog on (and run a risk of selling to an animal abuser) or trying to find a rescue space for the dog.  As more and more people are buying from freeads, then rescue spaces are becoming less available.

At a click of a button, you can now own a dog or a puppy bought from the internet.  However, the majority of puppies bought in this way are bred by people that give no thought to the parent’s health before breeding and are usually only breeding to earn some easy money.  Being Kennel Club registered also does not guarantee a healthy puppy.  In some cases, puppies are sold as ‘8 or 9 weeks old’ whereas they are only 5 weeks old – far too young to be removed from mum and siblings.  At Foal Farm, we have seen far too many cases like this where the puppy has either had severe health problems or only a few weeks old.  If you really want to purchase a puppy, then go to a reputable breeder that doesn’t have to advertise a litter on internet sites – a breeder should be asking you plenty of questions, allow you to see the environment that the puppy has been born into (this should be within a house and there should be plenty of evidence that the puppies are living in the house – check the garden!) and mum should be readily available to meet and see (check temperament of mum – is she friendly, does she approach you readily?).  For more information on puppies, please see this website http://pupaid.org/